A new year welcome note x A brief December life updates

A new year welcome notes

Happy new year to you, where ever you may be right now. It's a new year and I just wanted to drop this few lines of exhortation and motivation before we begin tackling our monthly and yearly goals for 2018.
Please I urge you to take out time and draw near to God, find a good reason to believe in the Creator of the universe.

Give all efforts to all your goals and dreams this month and all through out the year.
If there was something that you gave all your time and effort last year that did not work out well, please don't give up instead try something new, a new set of strategies and objectives for your businesses, careers, families, relationships etcetera.
Nevertheless, do not underestimate the living power of a new year because it comes with new beginnings, new dawn and a new hope.

Let it be known to you that most times following the status quo entails ignoring the chances of trying out new set of ideas, new rules and ofcourse new risks.
The watch word that I have for you this new year is "out with the old, in with the new ". That being said, please do not neglect, despise or underrate the start of something new both in your lives and in the lives of other people around you.
The world is full of endless possibilities, give yourself a chance for a new course in life.

Be apt in recognizing open doors of new opportunities even if those doors look closed.
Maintain a joyful spirit in all situations all through out this year.
Don't forget that a quiet spirit is prone to sharpness and excellency, do not forget to cultivate it as a new attitude.

Lastly, note that a new dawn is where we continue to experience great wonders all through the year 2018 but only if you are willing to operate in the understanding of the word "new".

Again, welcome to the year 2018. Come let's thrive with purpose and make new waves in the world.

December life updates|| taking stock 8

Whoa!! Ladies I’m so excited. This is the last life updates of the year. It’s been an amazing year for us all, especially for me, no matter what I’m sure we all have one thing to be grateful for. I do.

First of all, I’m thankful for this blog,it has been my safe haven, to encourage women to live a confident, fruitful live while thriving with purpose, it has helped me to redefine my purpose in life. I can’t also forget to be thankful for my amazing readers. Your constant support, feedback, love, corrections have kept me motivated and focus. Thank you so much. God bless you.

As it is accustom on the blog, here goes my monthly rundown.

Happy: to be alive and to be writing this last life updates for the last moth of the year.

Marveling: at how this sweater weather is getting more and more fogy. It is amazing. Don’t you think so too?

Enjoying: Christmas food, parties with the company of family and friends. How did your festive celebration go down at your end?

Looking: forward to 2018 with so much hope, fruitfulness and purpose. Aren’t you?

Drinking: a lot of yogurt. I can’t help it please. It must be my sweet tooth lol.

Eating: so much Rice and Turkey. It’s our traditional celebration food and Christmas without without Rice and Turkey wouldn’t be complete. I’m sure some people can relate.

Watching: so many movies because too much work without leisure can make one cranky. Have seen so many movies lately that I can’t keep tracks of their title anymore. But there is one that I still remember. It is titled John Wick. What movies are you seeing?

Spent: the last night of my 2017 rejoicing in the presence of God, thanking God for the things that he did last year and for the ones He has begun doing already in 2018, committing all my plans, strategies, business and desires for success into God's hands.

Learning: this is a lesson for all. Success does not mean that you won’t make mistakes on the journey but it is your ability not to give up when making the same mistakes over and over that makes you a success.

That is how my December went down. Thank you for sticking around. Please I will love to hear about yours. 

                    Your thoughts
How will you describe your 2017? Made some progress? Started a new project you are proud of and will love to share? Lost something or someone dear? Any hopes and plans for the new year? Let’s cheer on each other.

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