Dear young women manifest peace not conflict


Dear young women, make peace with yourselves first so that you can live in peace with others. Remember that the greatest challenge we must overcome is getting along with people, much worst when they proof to be difficult. But it is normal to come in contact with those kinds of people, they all contribute to making the world a wonderful place.
I remember the words of one of my lecturers in the university “you can not give what you don’t have, until you have what is requested of you”. Honestly, just like anybody with a youthful desire for perfection, it was not clear to me what he meant until adulting became a must journey and I had to learn to cohabitant peacefully with different sets of human beings on a daily basis. I later realized that my lecturer meant that if you don’t have peace within yourself then you can’t give other people peace.

Just like me, learn to pick the good sides of people and drop the bad sides, it will help you to see the good in them and forgive whenever their bad sides overshadows their good sides. Stop trying to fix people because you want them be what you want or like you. It will create conflict. Life is a journey, you can only advice them. You are not a fixer. God is the only fixer. Some people have to learn through their mistakes and errors until they arrive at their God given destinations. Instead be the peace and the goodness you want them to become. Learn to heal yourself of your ugly sides, embrace your insecurities, your breakdowns, your past and present crises. With this, you will attract peace with humans and in yourself.

Nevertheless, I know that it is not easy to let go of the past put look at it in this way, no matter how hard you beat yourself up for the mistakes and wrong choices that you made in the past, It won’t change anything. Rather, it will cause you depression, hatred for yourself and for others. Let go today. Choose to correct your mistakes by accepting them, forgive yourself and the people that wronged you. Start making decisions through God’s guidance.

Also, when people and by people I mean both families and friends. When they choose to leave you, or not support your decisions or purpose in life, understand that there is a path in life you must walk without them, please don’t hate them. Choose to attract the right people who will support you on your purpose, people who will love and accept your excesses and as a reward give them your support and love too, make them feel worthy of being in your life. Above all, understand that you are worthy of love, the kind of love that gives inner peace and sets you at peace with yourself and with others. Remember, family is not only by blood relation but by the bonds that you create with the people who stand by you when others choose to leave.

Lastly just like the apostle Paul said in the Bible, be slow to anger, filter your words before you speak it out, forgive one another, though it is a hard decision, learn not to avenge evil because vengeance belongs to God (Romans8:19-21) . Let love lead and let peace reign for God’s sake and for the future of your generations.

As a young woman who understands your struggle with peace keeping. I know how it feels to hate one self and fellow human beings. Please allow me to help you by sharing with you some scriptures that have been helping me through this journey of manifesting PEACE WITHIN AND OUTSIDE.
Please when ever you feel unloved, read John 3:16. When your neighbors, family and friends offend you, do read Romans 8:19-21, Matt 18:21-35 and Mark 12:31. When hatred for others wants to overwhelm you, please read Romans12:18.

I hope this post helps you on your journey to manifesting peace within and outside. Start no! Please stay connected and I will see you tomorrow.

Your thoughts?
Please let me know if you think peace is achievable as a human being or not? 

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