Leave your comfort zone: clarity and your purpose exist outside

Oftentimes as human beings, it's so easy to get blinded by the comforts and other benefits that remaining in a particular zone, place or position give us such that we get too complacent and forget that life could actually offer more. We get too comfortable in our comfort zones until someone, something or the storms of life have to give us a clarity call as to the reasons why we have to leave our comfort zones.

 It's even worst when you keep accepting the average in life because you have been used to it for so long until now, because that's what living in your comfort zone has made you to believe is success, that no other form of success existed outside your comfort zone and as a matter of fact that that is the best you are getting out of life.

Over time your comfort zone has made you believe that that is what people like you should settle for, that working extra harder means becoming greedy in life, asking for too much from life and yearning for some kinds of things that is difficult to attain in life such as true happiness and joy as a young woman from your kind of background and society.

Therefore this is that clarity call you have been waiting for if; you have got yourself so comfortable in that zone, you feel that your mindset is holding you back from pursuing other forms of happiness in life, people around you have gotten used to seeing you in that certain zone, position or place that they have told you that wanting to exist outside of your comfort zone because you have realized that there could be to your life is a bad idea, a waste of your time, age and resources.  I'm here today, to tell you ways which you can gradually use to move outside,break free from  your comfort zone and the benefits that you stand to have moving. Perhaps you might want to see them as the reasons to move now.

5 sure ways that can gradually get you out of your comfort zone. 

Use your story to inspire others: so many times, God has taken us through the storms of life or successes in various stages so that we can use them to inspire or motivate people who may be going through similar challenges and not to brag about our strengths, success and glory. This doesn't mean that you should go about disturbing people whom your story is related to, who can't relate with your story. Instead search for the kinds of people whom your message is for, whom you can relate it to and share it with them in the form of testimonies, life lessons or as advice. You will be glad knowing that your story impacted someone's life positively by motivating and inspiring them.

Embrace your flaws: so many times, I sing this song "embrace your flaws, in and out ".they are what make you unique.  There can never be a duplicate of yourself out there in the world.  As a young woman, wanting to be perfect, like others is not going to make you special,  you are special and that's what you should carry as a mindset. It's not a mistake, you are not lost because you're different from your peers. This mindset will give you inner peace, it will help others treat you well if they had ever treated you badly, it will help people around you to see you as someone who is real with life instead as a charade. You stand to gain or regain your self-respect when you are not constantly trying to proof what you are not to others. Embrace your flaws because the world is imperfect itself and the right kinds of people who choose to see you through the eyes of an imperfect human being created by a perfect God will value and accept you truly.

Pursue happiness and joy as a lifestyle everyday: yes, you see in life, no body is responsible for your happiness as a young woman. Not even your family or material things. The world these days is full of unhappy events and people and that's why you must get out of your comfort zone, stop hiding behind it and face life. Make up your mind that if you are to make it outside your comfort zone, that you have to see and pursue happiness and joy as a lifestyle everyday of your life, from within your soul learn to be joyous until you can't do without it. Choose to see every other thing that makes life worth living as a bonus for happiness and don't deprive yourself the chance of doing those things that make you happy so long as it does not infringe on the natural rights of fellow human existence.

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Extend a hand of kindness: maybe your comfort zone had made you forget what kindness is or the feeling of being kind to someone. You had been so engrossed with your personal pursuits such that kind gestures have been out of your dictionary for too long.
Today, start from little bits of kindness; help the elderly, help someone with your time and other resources, volunteer even when you are not comfortable doing such things. These will help you gain clarity about how amazing life is and how you have been missing such great feelings in your comfort zone.

Live for your vision: remember that clarity to your vision comes the moment you have stepped out of your comfort zone. Live for your vision and dreams, don't bury them again when life is giving you a tough blow like you did in your comfort zone. Know this, if you lack vision then you lack focus for your life. Even if it's going to take years for you to achieve your visions outside your comfort zone, don't get stalk in that place of comfort, don't stop working hard, don't give up on your dreams. Let everyday of your life awaken your passion with the reasons you need to thrive outside your comfort zone with confidence.

Lastly, know that you may fail a few or too many times outside your comfort zone compared to when you were in your comfort zone, choose to ditch the mindless distractions of failure and know that true success and developments come from failure.

Thank you for reading today's words on the 30 days blogging consistency challenge.
Receive the grace now to make that choice to exist outside your comfort zone.
See you soon.

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