On self-image: saying no to self, body shaming and discriminations

Hey babes, you are awesome!
What is this thing about you wanting to look like someone else, sound like someone else and worst of it all, feel like someone else.
Don't you know that you were created in the image and likeness of God. A perfect work of God's manifestation and accomplishments.

Monochrome with a spice

The day I wore this monochrome look was the day that I realized that I am wonderfully made by God,  lol!
You may think that I am bluffing but please take a look at the pictures * grinning from ear to ear *



Hi babes! How are you all doing?
So it’s an outfit post, I am going straight into the details of this outfit. I wore this simple outfit to Church and it was effortlessly put together.

August life updates ||Taking Stock #4

Wow people, August has finished finally. What a relief! *sighs*
This particular month felt so slow to me —exceptionally slow. Compared to the past months. I honestly think it's because I'm hitching to complete my one year mandatory youth service to my country, I talked about it on my last taking stock post here on the blog. I feel like I'm being caged up in one position and everything has been on a vicious circle for almost a year now. I'm just tired of the repetition lifestyle. Anyway enough of my ranting. How was the month of August for you? I hope this month ended well for you as I love you so much to wish you bad.