Good people I greet you all. How have you been? As for me, making progress in life as always.

So I want to share my views on a quote that I came across on the internet by an unknown author.

"How wrong is it for a woman to expect the man to build the world she wants, rather than to create it herself?"

As a young lady growing into a woman and waiting for the future hubby. Some have once in their childhood days or even in their present adult days said "I'm waiting for Mr Right",Some may have even gone as far as defining their "Mr Right " as tall,rich and handsome, overlooking other good qualities that "a good husband" should have.

My COMMENTS: dear ladies(future Mrs) while you are there anticipating MR RIGHT have you ever considered yourself as MRS RIGHT. have you for one day asked yourself do I befit someone's wife? Truth is no man wants an empty vessel as a wife. Even the most arrogant man wants a humble wife. the most uneducated man wants a woman who is exposed (at most on the average) who will guide him,advise him and manage home and his resources. So while you are there bringing Heaven down that God must send your MR RIGHT. please take this points into consideration.

SET YOUR PRIORITIES RIGHT: believe me when I say that it's not bad at all to want your future hubby to be tall,rich,and handsome. But think about it this way. what if for some reasons God doesn't send you that spec. Will you continue to say NO to every man that comes your way seeking your hand in marriage? What if the package (husband ) comes in a very small package; poor, haggard, and he may even have mouth odor(lol.) I can see you frowning at that. But it's true, not all women were blessed by God instantly with  50million bucks husband. Truth is most of those couples worked their way up there. The Woman stood by that small package man and saw a  big package man in him. I personally have heard and read success stories of couples who made it together to the top.
Personally I pray daily to God that my future husband is caring, understanding, supports me at most 80% in my endeavours(the rest 20% can be compromised or deliberated upon because he is the head of the family). He should be my best friend (my confidant, my gist partner) He should have a financial prospect (not necessarily rich at the beginning, but is hardworking) notice that I didn't say rich? Call me a liar/unreal but this is me, I'm sincere. My future hubby should be a responsible man(have courtesy and regards for the female gender) educated (not necessarily a university graduate but a widely read and a knowledgeable human, capable of carrying out a peaceful and understanding conversation without controversy, a monogamous man (because I hate sharing my man and I also hate a divided home). I don't care if he is handsome  nor tall nor Mega rich.  After all what's the use of a Mega rich husband tall and handsome in a marriage were you are not happy, not at peace and your kids live in constant fear and dismay. Set your priorities right. What's your spec for a future husband?

GET AN EDUCATION: Attain a basic education level. Because almost every man doesn't want a stack illiterate as a wife(the kind who will not be able represent him in his absence, the kind of woman who can't make sound family and financial decisions when given the opportunity to do so)  Truth be told, to have the whole BSc. MSc. PHD, and other degrees are not a criteria for making a good wife. But an average education level does helps. school is a way of exposing someone through the people you meet, the lectures you receive,the academic books you read.
Please do not also forget to know that going to school doesn't always mean that you should burry yourself in the books(becuase all work and no play makes a girl a doll girl Lol) mingle, interact and it Will help mould your character, believe and your way of thinking.

DEVELOP YOURSELF: read books on family, character development, money and even on career,human relations, read the newspaper, dictionary,listen to the news and current affairs,build your vocabulary and develop your english speaking skills(trust me, shooting bombs as english when in a gathering or arguing blindly out of ignorance is veryyyyy embarrassing and future hubby wouldn't be proud of that all lol). 
Because the day you stop learning, is the day you start dying. Learn a vocation, it could be hairdressing, makeup artistry,baking,tailoring,crafting,interior decorating, watch DIYs video on YouTube( it's a great source of developing and learning a vocation) It will do you alot of good by preparing you ahead of marriage(so that you won't leave all the financial responsibilities on the hubby) Even when you didn't go to school. This point can actually supersedes point 2. 

ATTEND SEMINARS: don't limit yourself to just one source of knowledge. Believe me workshops help to prepare you for marriage, relationship, money,character and winning with people. They boost your knowledge on how to handle the home.
Also never underestimate church marriage counseling sessions. Talking to your pastor as a spiritual authority opens your mind to spiritual thoughts on what God says about marriage. Hearing and reading testimonies of Godly authorities about their marital relationships and experiences will boost your faith in marriage, educate you on the do's and don'ts of marriage. 

PRAY: prayer is the key to every successful marriage, do not exclude God. After doing all that needs to be done. Always take few minutes of your time daily to pray for that future husband that you want.
Tell GOD to give you his choice of husband because there is awesomeness in small ugly packages - don't always expect it to come the expensive way. 

DISCLAIMER: please note that I am not a shrink neither I'm I a relationship counsellor. This are strictly my views. Please share yours in the comment box. 

BTW I am also using this post to share with you an outfit that I wore to church, so it's like inspiration/style post. I took and edited the pictures with my Infinix hot4 pro. So please rate my phone photography. 

As always I hope that this post reaches you in good health. God bless you. 

What qualities do you desire in a future husband? 
Do you believe in the MR RIGHT sobriquet? 
Should a woman always wait to marry an already made man or the one with a prospective future?
Please share your thoughts in the Comment box

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  1. What a lovely post...i think the orientation of ladies that wait or look for ready made men should change after reading this post... Thanks for posting this.

    1. Well said Delaney! I'm sure they will definitely. Thank you for reading.

  2. Love your amazing post, love your outfit as well, thank you for sharing, you look stunning!!!


    1. It warms my heart to have you here Nora. Thank you so much for reading, I'm greatful. God bless you. I hope you continue stopping by the blog.

  3. Interesting post! Thanks for sharing... what you are saying can really change a woman's perspectives on waiting for the right man to come along. Good job!

    1. Thank you for reading Jamila. I appreciate your time.