Is passion enough for success?|| 4 ingredients you need besides passion to succeed


According to Oxford Dictionary, passion is defined as a strong and barely controllable emotion for something, an intense desire or enthusiasm for something.
Passion is the excitement you feel when you are in a particular position, the energy you feel when undertaking a task, training or vocation.

However is passion enough? Does it guarantee you success for what you love doing or your talent? The question of passion and success goes hand-in-hand. Some people discovered their passion during childhood while others created and developed their passions in an attempt of inventing new products or services that met the needs of their society.

Some people feel that they should at least be successful at what they love doing. For instance, blogging. In an overcrowded industry like blogging, I was fast to learn that though most bloggers started out with passion, they all want to be successful at what they love doing. That the blogging which they are putting in their passion and time should be able to provide an extra income if not a full-time income. Today, there are bloggers who have achieved those things in blogging because they discovered and used these hidden secrets to success which I will be sharing with you today.

Yes, truth be told, we all want our passion to yield a reward asides the fulfillment that we get from doing them. But we can not ignore some enemies of passion which is frustration in general. These frustration come in the form of; an over hyped or highly competitive system(comparison and envy), improve in technology, changes in taste and demand, knowledge and skills, limited finance.
These factors can kill your passion, with time you discover that you are no more passionate about what you once were because the more you struggle with it, they more your interest and excitement for success in your passion reduce no matter how talented you are.

That being said, let us look at those ingredients that you need besides passion if you really want to be successful.

4 ingredients you need besides passion to succeed

Personal initiative: to be successful and stand out from the crowd in a fast pace world, you must learn to take control of your mind, your eyes and your actions. Your must learn to act fast by taking the lead in the establishment of a particular business, product or service without being pushed do so. It is not enough to be passionate but you have to improve your chances of succeeding by creating something new that meets a need.

Creative vision: A creative person is someone who reinvents things in ways that are unimaginable, who looks for new but less competitive ways of creating a new product or service to meet an existing demand or create a demand for such products and services. New things are most times uncontested, have high acceptance rate into the market,have an increase in demand and utility. That way you will stand a chance succeeding as an inventor of such products or services. Before other competitors enter the market you would have made money and a goodwill for your brand. Your ability to lead a new trend in any area of passion increases your chances of succeeding.

Organized thinking and attention: you can not bring your creativity into display if you can not coordinate your thoughts, if you do not filter the things that you meditate on which prove to be distractions to your attention. You must know how to channel your mind to meditate on the picture of what you what to create. You must figure out the right steps to take in order to create such products ad services, you must be apt to recognize changes in the attitudes of your target market, your competitors, how to improve your value, knowledge and skills.

Budgeting of time and money: Good things they say never come without a prize. Your passion for success will dwindle if you are only hanging on your talent alone. You should be able to make some sacrifices by acquiring some skills and knowledge in that area that your passionate about, attend free and paid seminars, buy books and take out time to read them, buy useful tools and equipment that will help improve the quality of products and services you render, increase your start-up capital even if you have to borrow or take a loan to do that.

Thank you for reading. I hope this article helps you succeed in whatever that you are passionate about. Remember, to succeed in life you must do the same things in a different way, you must create what others can not. Dare to be different, sisters.

See you tomorrow. Please stay connected. 

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What other tips for success work for you and which ones would you add to this article that I didn't mention?
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  1. I think one of the other major contributors to success is consistency. If you stop and start, success might be elusive. If you focus and work towards your goal consistently, you've got a much better chance of making it happen.

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