6 Actionable tips: How to make and maintain friendship with your kind

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Hello ladies, how are you doing? Good? Okay!
I'm doing just fine in case you're wondering.
So, in my last blog post I talked about why it's okay not to have legions or cliques of friends. which was the part one of this post, please read it here so that you can catch up on what I am writing about today. Thank you.

 As promised, that I was going to share 6 actionable tips on how you can make and maintain friendship with your kind. I have learnt that these tips work for me over the years in life.  I sincerely believe that they will work for you too, ladies.


5 Reasons why you should not make friends with everybody ( but with a few)

When I was in high school, I wanted to make friends with the bubbling girls on campus but it never possible because I was different. Not just that, but I was unique in my own ways. I always wondered why it came so natural for other girls to make friends easily with other people who were either their kind or not.


As young women, figuring out the various ways or methods to remain youthful, maintain ones glow and natural beauty is usually a very daunting task.  Some young women end up going through the trial and error phase, some depend on suggestions from friends, the list is endless.
Today, I am here to share with you seven ultimate age-defying techniques that you should be using as a young woman.

life and living(July updates #3)|| taking stock

Hi family! I'm so excited that we have come to the end of July sound and safe. So I thought to myself why not write another bonding post such as this just to fill you guys in on my progress in life? It's one of my favorite posts to write because I usually feel like I'm having a physical heart warming gist with you my awesome readers. So in the spirit of bonding, here you go!!