Lessons/wisdom from 5 Biblical women for today’s young women struggling to abide in God

Hello there child of God, welcome to the blog. Today’s topic is centered on the prompt “abide”, the word abide according to Oxford dictionary means to; accept or act in accordance with a rule, decision or recommendation.

However, as a woman in today’s modern society it is very difficult to abide in God alone without getting distracted. I mean, it is a constant struggle for you and I. Because the spirit is willing but the body is weak and overwhelmed by the challenges of life in the path of presence. Challenges such as; the struggle of keeping and maintaining relationships with family and friends, financial setbacks, health issues, existence of radical articles and books, the development of internet and technologies. These are challenges of what influence our
thoughts and actions such that having a relationship with God is now seen as an unrealistic journey. But God is merciful and faithful to all who will choose to abide in Him.

What does it mean to abide in God?

Let us take a look at it.

To abide in God means to believe in His son Jesus Christ.
To continue in service, humility, tolerance,perseverance, love, joy, happiness and kindness with God.
To wait on the LORD in fasting, prayers, praises and worship.
To find wisdom, counsels, understandings in God’s Words and in the teachings of His
anointed servants.
To have a cordial spiritual relationship with God such that you can hear and understand
His voice.
To abide in God means to choose to follow Him without questioning and doubting His
purpose for your life. John 15:1-17

Now, let us look at great, inspiring lessons from five women in the Bible for abiding with God.

Lessons/wisdom from 5 Biblical women for today’s young women

Esther: the virtuous woman. The young woman who rose from grass to grace because of her obedience and humility to God and her uncle. She competed in a beauty pageant in the king’s Palace and became favored by the King to become the crowned Queen of all.
God used her through beauty pageant to save her people from a life long enmity with the King. Esther 5:1-7:10

Hannah: the steadfast woman. Though she was heart broken in her childlessness, she did not give up on seeking God’s presence and intervention for her situation. She was fervent in her relationship and service in the house of God, she remained loyal, faithfully in love to God and her husband. She found strength and courage in God for her bareness until God opened her womb to conceive Samuel. 1Samuel1-26

Mary: the mother of Jesus Christ. The bearer of the Messiah to the whole world. Mary was a woman who God used to bring forth a child of redemption, she had a willing and loyal spirit, went on a journey that was beyond the imagination of men. Though she did not understand it but she did not question God’s might. Because of that single act of obedience God granted her strength, a willing heart, made her a vessel of honor in the sight of men and
God because the destinies of mankind was born through her. Matthew1:18-25, Luke1:26-38

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Rebekah: a beautiful young virgin who got married to Isaac. The Bible says that she was peaceful, modest, honest, humble, kind and faithful to God, her husband and in-laws. Though she was from a wealthy family yet she was industrious, did not look down on domestic duties and was always ready to work harder each day. The Bible says that she was beauty with brains. Gen22:20-24

Jael: a common woman who choose to develop her fighting prowess from her skill of pitching and pinning tents for soldiers to become the brave warrior who killed Sisera to deliver Israel and her people. This is a lesson that no skill or knowledge is useless and necessity is an open door of success. Judges 5:10

Thank you for reading. See you tomorrow.

                      Your thoughts? 
What other challenges would you say are limiting us a young women from having a relationship with God?
Which other women in the Bible do you learn from?

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