Have you heard of the idea of being faithful to yourself? || 3 ways to be faithful to yourself

Hey ladies, thank you for being here again, I just want us to discuss about this old philosophy of self-faithfulness. Have you heard of it before? Yes! Maybe NO. Anyway, it is an ancient philosophy but one of the most proven philosophies that works for many people who adopt and stick to it diligently.

Self-faithfulness is the process of self-discovery through which you come to terms with your words, actions and principles such that people identify with you for what you stand for, whether they choose to be comfortable with it or not.
As for me, I believe that self-faithfulness is one of the greatest achievements one can have. It improves your relationship with fellow human beings on a daily basis at work, home, with family, friends and in other social groups. In relationships,It shapes your partners trust for you everyday(he knows your values and principles regarding relationship and family), he is assured of the actions that you can and can’t take. The benefits are numerous.

There is this popular saying that I have come to realize is so real and applicable to every human”until you learn to be faithful to yourself, you can never be faithful to others”. This is realest irony of live and it is true because as a young woman you will expect others to be faithful and loyal to you. But this can only happen if those people have seen the trait of loyalty and faithfulness in your character, words and actions. Even in your relationship or marriage, your partner won’t return the favor knowing that your actions and words don’t match each other ( you receive what you give). Lack of faithfulness in yourself will then create lack of trust for others in you, it makes you question peoples worth, character, words, actions and principles even when those people that you are dealing with may be sincere with you. But because you have trust issues with yourself, you also have a problem trusting them.

Self-faithfulness in a nutshell is knowing what you are capable of doing at any given point in time irrespective of the situation or the people that you are dealing with. Faith in yourself will set you at ease whenever you are dealing with other people knowing that though they will not end up liking your opinions, words or actions, at least you were true to yourself.

Here are three conventional ways that you can be faithful to yourself

Words: Your words are so important because even the Bible says”out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh”. there is no point in you going about saying things that you won’t be able to defend when such event arises. Maybe because you are afraid of hurting others (for instance, you speak the truth concerning a certain issue in a particular place but only to turn back and tell lies concerning that same issue in a different place because of fear of loosing friends or creating enmity). Speaking your mind does not have to be so difficult especially if you are speaking the truth and in a diplomatic way. It’s a win win situation for the people who hold you for your words and to yourself as well.

Actions: there is nothing as worrisome a woman with a questionable character. In every society it is expected of young women to behave in a certain fashion; cultured, obedient, respectful, educated and disciplined. The choice of actions you take everyday of your life have to match the things you stand for. You should not be known to believe in integrity, respect and humility only for you to be seen taking actions or working in the path of life that completely erodes those values. You should be able to take actions that you will live up to. Otherwise you are risking your character.

Principles: Your principles are what you stand for. They are the core values that you are bound by and sometimes bending them means pleasing others over yourself. Living two separate lifestyles and putting your self-worth and personality into question. For example: setting clear boundaries about the things that you can not take from people, telling them what is acceptable and what is not, being upfront about the time have, what you can and can not commit to.
Truth be told, self-faithfulness is a journey of self discovery. You should allow yourself to discover and learn about those innate habits, principles or traits within that you still do not know yet, when you have known them, examine the ones which you will you be able to uphold for the rest of your life and hold onto to them but let go of those which can only make you have a questionable character.

Honestly, we are not bound by any law to have principles that only favor other human beings thereby living us feeling unhappy. Life is a journey and I’m sure that we are embarking on it individually.
Therefore, let your words, actions and principles ignite your truth first to yourself before others. You may loose a few friends along the way but you will also gain some honest ones.

I believe that you will find this article useful in some way. Please stay faithful to yourself first and to other people. Stay connected!

See you soon.

Your Thoughts?
What does self-faithfulness mean to you, is it possible, is it achievable?

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