A grateful heart|| 5 things a grateful lifestyle will do for you as a young woman.


Some of the things that I am grateful for are the grace to witness a brand new day everyday, to live and excel on earth not just as a living thing but as a living proof that there is God. To bask in God’s fullness of joy, wisdom & grace.
Lately I’m grateful for my surroundings, and my country because it is a privilege to live in a peaceful place where there is no war and other dangers that the outbreak of war causes. I’m grateful for family and friends because it’s such an amazing feeling to be doing life with the people that you love and who love you right back.

I am not just telling you things that I am grateful because they are sweet things but because I have come to understand the reasons and benefits of being grateful.
Whatever that is done without understanding is done without result Mark49; Matt13:23 . It is this understanding that helped me overtime to develop a grateful heart both to God and people around me.
As a young woman, you too can learn to have a grateful heart but first you must understand the benefits that you stand to enjoy by embracing this grateful lifestyle.

5 things having a grateful heart will do for you as a young woman.

A praise filled heart and an appreciative mouth: a grateful lifestyle will teach how to give praises to God, to the people who have blessed you in one way or the other. You won’t struggle to say ‘thank you’, ‘I am grateful’, ‘God bless you’ to people. Also, you won’t struggle to give out kindness to strangers and loved ones when a grateful lifestyle becomes a part of you.

You become a joyous person: A grateful person never gets depressed no matter the circumstances. For every time challenges set in you will be forced to look within and around you to see all the amazing things, opportunities and the people that you have been blessed with which will boost your faith in God that He can still keep you going. A grateful lifestyle will give you reasons to be happy, you will be contented that there is God. That alone will give you reasons to smile and press on.

A humble Spirit: The ability for any young woman to be humble is what differentiates you from the male gender. In today’s society, it is a standard rule for a man to have a mighty ego. After all they were born with it but is wrong for a woman to be proud. Having a grateful lifestyle will kill pride in you, it will give you the spirit of humility no matter your big achievements in life as a young woman. You will learn to see beauty in giving respect and honor to the young, the elderly and even to the male folk. You will not find it hard to say “please”, “ excuse me” and “ I am sorry” to people.

Your blessings get multiplied and perfected: for instance, when you thank or show gratitude to someone who has done something for you once, the person will be pleased to do more because she/he knows that you are not an ungrateful human being. The same is with God, He releases more blessings upon you from heaven, uncommon favors from fellow human beings just because you acknowledged Him when he blessed you once, He becomes faithful to bless you more.

A seal of protection: You begin to enjoy God’s hand of protection over your finances, health, happiness, families etc. Because you have chosen to be grateful and faithful to him and to show gratitude to others in little, God will shield you against the hands of the devourers like bankruptcy, sicknesses, sorrows, etc.Malachi2:1-3

I pray and hope that this article convinces you enough to start living a grateful lifestyle.
Thank you for always always making out time to read the blog. See you tomorrow.

Your thoughts?
What other benefits of gratitude do you enjoy/ have you enjoyed?
What other ways do you live a grateful lifestyle?

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  1. One thing I have noticed is the more I praise God for what He has done, the more I see what He is doing. It changes my whole perspective and attitude. Like you mentioned, it definitely makes me more joyous, but it also draws me closer to Jesus.

  2. Very inspiring post for young ladies trying to navigate through life!

  3. I love this!!! Being grateful and practicing gratitude every day is one of my goals for the year!

  4. Its so true about becoming a joyous person, i find when i look at what i have and have a grateful heart, i do not worry as much about what i do not have.

  5. My sister taught me to turn things that have happened around into something good to praise God for. If one of my sons threw a fit, she said that the fact that I was patient with him is something I can praise God for. The fact that I chopped my thumb (almost) off, caused me to not be afraid to be martyred--I wouldn't have thought about it if the accident hadn't happened. And so forth.

  6. This is a great list! Being grateful increases your joy for God, your life and then you begin to be a light for others!

  7. Gratefulness is a beautiful characteristic to have, but so very underdeveloped! I'm so glad that you see the wonderful benefit of showing gratitude in your relationships, as well as what it does in your relationship with God. It's truly a simple thing to start doing that can make an amazing impact!

  8. Well being negative sure doesn’t lead to a joyous or blessed life! Even if it did, how would anyone know? Persuasive reasoning here!.

  9. I have found that keeping a notepad or journal with me has helped me write down the small or big ways I see God working in my day, especially if I am in a difficult season of life. This helps me keep perspective on my situation and be grateful for the ways He is intervening.

  10. I like this quote: "Also, you won’t struggle to give out kindness to strangers and loved ones when a grateful lifestyle becomes a part of you." So true!

  11. Thank you. I am going to share this with my daughters.

  12. I love your attitude of gratitude :) Being grateful truly changes our view of life.

  13. I think this is why we are told to be thankful in everything. When our focus is on our blessings we can endure any kind of hardship!

  14. "Also, you won’t struggle to give out kindness to strangers and loved ones when a grateful lifestyle becomes a part of you." This is great! Thank you for such a wonderful article!

  15. "Also, you won’t struggle to give out kindness to strangers and loved ones when a grateful lifestyle becomes a part of you." This is great! Thank you for such a wonderful article!

  16. Having a grateful heart has really changed my view as a stay-at-home Momma and a wife. This is a lesson that I have recently learned. I was stuck in a rut, and feeling extremely depressed. I allowed Satan to whisper in my ear and steal my happiness, my joy. "A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." Proverbs 17:22, NIV I've kept this scripture close to my heart and read it when I feel that negativity creep in! <3 Thank you for sharing, Dominika!

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