A new path: Higher heights? || 5 mindset blocks separating you from higher heights

I once had a heart-to-heart discussion with a nice fellow concerning the topic of higher heights in life.
He went on to describe it as the attainment of a certain level of success in life such that the society approves of your existence as a person of value making impacts that they can not live without.
Truth be told I could not argue much about that definition but only added a few words to expand the real definition of greater heights to accommodate everyone from various classes of the society.

These were what I had to say about greater heights. Greater heights is attained in two notable paths.

Firstly; the path that is quick, easy and overcrowded. Secondly, the path with slow but steady progress and still leads to greater height.
Because “Slow progress is still progress”.
However, no matter the path to greater heights you choose to walk in, there could still be some mindset blocks which can limit or separate you from the path of true greater heights in life.

5 mindset blocks separating you from the path of greater heights

The money mindset blocks: these include beliefs that money does not come easily; so one has to work too hard and neglect personal rest including that of your employees, doing really ugly things that tamper with your principles or values. The belief of spending as you get because of the fear that you may not have to spend tomorrow.

The people relationship mindset blocks: These are beliefs that winning with people in the course of attaining your greater heights meant hindering their successes because of the fear of them dimming your light first. They are always afraid that all their success could disappear within a snap, so they see others as potential enemies.

The perfect personality mindset blocks: The belief that a person who have attained success and greater heights must maintain high standards, a perfect facial appearance and composure, eloquent and with a charming charisma. But if at all they want to be philanthropical with their wealth, they should do it only in seasons, planned and arranged in an exceptional area and for a certain group of people for the protection of their personalities.

The change mindset blocks: These are beliefs that ditching the status quo will hinder or slow you down from greater heights, the mindset that nobody is better than you and they should not even try doing the same things as you. Forgetting that different strategies applied to the same thing produce different outcomes. Your strategies are different from theirs. The belief that doing something different means undervaluing yourself.

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The relationship mindset blocks: The mindset that being an ambitious woman means struggling to or not finding love at all with your partner. The belief that your partner won’t be able to keep up with you emotionally, financially, intellectually.
Hence your partner ending up being intimidated. The belief that your children need to have the luxuries of life more than their parents time after all, the hard work is for their future sake.

Thanks for reading as always. I couldn't have done this without your constant support and feedbacks. See you tomorrow.

                          Your thoughts?
What are some mindset blocks you would add to this post?

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  1. This is an awesome post. I have a post close to this about money mindset. This mindset is as a result of a pattern or habit that can be reprogrammed to get a better result. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi Rawlings, thank you for stopping by to read as always.

  2. This is a great post showing all of the mindset shifts we need to make to be more authentic and connected. I have a money mindset webinar that I will be sharing later this month. We can change if we understand what we need to do. Thanks for sharing.

    1. you are welcome, thank you so much for reading,Rebecca

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