5 quotes that will inspire positiveness in you

So, there are these 5 quotes that resonates well with me and I thought I should share them with you so that you too can find inspiration in them. After all, what is the worth of one’s knowledge if I can not share my ideas with others. To that effect, let’s inspire one another with some amazing quotes that can build a positive mindset in us. We all need some positive energy.


Brave enough as a young woman?|| 3 things brave people have in common

Hello there, goal getters! Thank you for making out time for us to connect again today. I value your time and resources. Now that I have said that, I want to ask you a very simple question. Do you think you are brave enough as a young woman in a demanding world as this? I know you may be flinching in your chair right now because of such question but hold that thought. Before you give me a yes answer, I want you to know that I’m aware that the subject of being brave relates to everyone in different ways.

Have you heard of the idea of being faithful to yourself? || 3 ways to be faithful to yourself

Hey ladies, thank you for being here again, I just want us to discuss about this old philosophy of self-faithfulness. Have you heard of it before? Yes! Maybe NO. Anyway, it is an ancient philosophy but one of the most proven philosophies that works for many people who adopt and stick to it diligently.

“Go forward, don’t look back” || God’s instructions come with divine direction and protection

What if I told you that God does not give any instruction to anybody without giving divine directions
 to go with it, he does not give you a purpose without adding a manual on how you will accomplish it. Would you you believe me? I guess you are not too certain about your answer to that question because it sounds too religious, right?


Draw strength from your success slogans || 5 self-motivators for strength and focus

Hey ladies, are you an entrepreneur, a student, a stay at home mom, an ambitious career lady, a goal digger, a visionary? you own a small or large scale business? What ever the case is, I’m sure yo’all aiming for success and wealth creation, fulfillment in achieving your goals in life and empowering others with your success. If you fall under any of this categories, I want to tell you that the most effective type of strength that inspires success are ideas expressed by slogans or symbols. These are called success slogans or symbols. In other words they are self-motivators that can inspire success in you when absolute focus is given to them.


Being a superhero in a demanding world? || 25 real life description of a superhero woman by Proverbs 31:10-31

Hi boss babes, I believe God that yo'all doing wonderfully well. Today's blogging prompt is "superhero". So I thought what better way than to share with you a real life description of a modern day superhero woman as depicted in the Bible by Proverbs 31:10-31
So let's go!

Dear young women manifest peace not conflict


Dear young women, make peace with yourselves first so that you can live in peace with others. Remember that the greatest challenge we must overcome is getting along with people, much worst when they proof to be difficult. But it is normal to come in contact with those kinds of people, they all contribute to making the world a wonderful place.
I remember the words of one of my lecturers in the university “you can not give what you don’t have, until you have what is requested of you”. Honestly, just like anybody with a youthful desire for perfection, it was not clear to me what he meant until adulting became a must journey and I had to learn to cohabitant peacefully with different sets of human beings on a daily basis. I later realized that my lecturer meant that if you don’t have peace within yourself then you can’t give other people peace.


Is passion enough for success?|| 4 ingredients you need besides passion to succeed


According to Oxford Dictionary, passion is defined as a strong and barely controllable emotion for something, an intense desire or enthusiasm for something.
Passion is the excitement you feel when you are in a particular position, the energy you feel when undertaking a task, training or vocation.

However is passion enough? Does it guarantee you success for what you love doing or your talent? The question of passion and success goes hand-in-hand. Some people discovered their passion during childhood while others created and developed their passions in an attempt of inventing new products or services that met the needs of their society.


Weekly Words for the moment || The only obstacles limiting you are the ones you allow:5 reasons why you need obstacles/challenges in life.

Dear young women, the only obstacles standing between you and your success are the ones existing in your minds which you have gotten comfortable to having around. Now they have become real strongholds hindering you from success that you wish you could do away with them for once in your life. Please do allow me to tell you that you can not do away with somethings which you have not known their reasons of existence in your life in the first place. In a nutshell, you must find out why you are going through those challenges or why those obstacles are in the way of your success presently Isaiah43:1-3

On that note you are welcome to today’s Weekly Words For The Moment.


A grateful heart|| 5 things a grateful lifestyle will do for you as a young woman.


Some of the things that I am grateful for are the grace to witness a brand new day everyday, to live and excel on earth not just as a living thing but as a living proof that there is God. To bask in God’s fullness of joy, wisdom & grace.
Lately I’m grateful for my surroundings, and my country because it is a privilege to live in a peaceful place where there is no war and other dangers that the outbreak of war causes. I’m grateful for family and friends because it’s such an amazing feeling to be doing life with the people that you love and who love you right back.

Give determination to your dreams|| 5 sure ways to know you are determine about manifesting your dreams in life

Dreams are combinations of reality, emotions, and fantasies. Dreams are imaginations of the mind that take place in the brain which we sometime set realistic or unrealistic goals to achieve them. These three agents are what makes a person to say ‘I have dreams for my life. Although everybody can have big dreams of being a success in one thing or the other, it is not anybody that is determine about their dreams manifesting in reality.

In a nutshell, being able to fit in determination into your dreams and goals is the decision and efforts to bring into reality the possibility of the improbable.
Therefore the outcome of any dream which constant determinations have been put in is the clear manifestation of success.

As a young woman in a world where the dominant gender is male, do you have big dreams for your life? Do you aspire to be successful at whatever you find yourself doing? Do you have both short and long term goals? Are you determine to achieve your goals in life? If your answers to these questions are Yes! Then let’s find out if you truly are determine.


Lessons/wisdom from 5 Biblical women for today’s young women struggling to abide in God

Hello there child of God, welcome to the blog. Today’s topic is centered on the prompt “abide”, the word abide according to Oxford dictionary means to; accept or act in accordance with a rule, decision or recommendation.

A new path: Higher heights? || 5 mindset blocks separating you from higher heights

I once had a heart-to-heart discussion with a nice fellow concerning the topic of higher heights in life.
He went on to describe it as the attainment of a certain level of success in life such that the society approves of your existence as a person of value making impacts that they can not live without.
Truth be told I could not argue much about that definition but only added a few words to expand the real definition of greater heights to accommodate everyone from various classes of the society.

These were what I had to say about greater heights. Greater heights is attained in two notable paths.

Leave your comfort zone: clarity and your purpose exist outside

Oftentimes as human beings, it's so easy to get blinded by the comforts and other benefits that remaining in a particular zone, place or position give us such that we get too complacent and forget that life could actually offer more. We get too comfortable in our comfort zones until someone, something or the storms of life have to give us a clarity call as to the reasons why we have to leave our comfort zones.


A new year welcome note x A brief December life updates

A new year welcome notes

Happy new year to you, where ever you may be right now. It's a new year and I just wanted to drop this few lines of exhortation and motivation before we begin tackling our monthly and yearly goals for 2018.
Please I urge you to take out time and draw near to God, find a good reason to believe in the Creator of the universe.