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Weekly words for the moment || Stay in charge because God put you in charge of your life


Hello there Winners, I trust God you have been breaking grounds this month, so far. Please here is a little announcement on the blog and something that you have been looking forward to. I am starting a weekly motivation and inspiration series on the blog beginning from today, it's a way of me writing on topics the biblical way through my little understanding, knowledge of the word of God as we grow together and learn through the Light of God. I am going to put in my effort to make sure that this motivational/inspirational series goes up on the blog every Monday because the purpose is to get you started for the week with a positive mindset so that we can all be encouraged through it to start and finish our week strong. In case you see some instances where I abbreviate it WWFTM, please just know that I am referring to weekly words for the moment. Please look forward to this series because it's going to be packed with life changing inspirations/motivations.
Thanks for reading that announcement.

4 kinds of friends that we probably have in common

Hey ladies, I am coming right back at you with an interesting, somewhat hilarious post today. Oops! Sorry the start up line sounds like I am a girl in a hip hop rap tape, lol. But that aside, how are your friends? Hope they are doing great because we will be gisting about them today in this post. So I was thinking about  the amazing friends that I have made in life, close or far, then I thought to myself, we all have these kinds of friends in common, that is how today’s blog post came about.

Please read on because its going to be so much fun and interesting.

Value || The Net Worth Of Your Personality As A Young Woman

To be a person of value, we must keep working on ourselves until we are better than how we were yesterday. The concept of value varies from persons to persons but there is one thing that i know, if you are not impacting your world as a human being here on earth then you would rather be taken and seen as somebody who is not valuable. Are there such people who are not valuable in one way or the other? I would say, there is none, as everyone impacts in different ways that they can, be it small or big.

October life updates|| Taking stock #6

Hello tribe, thank God we made it through the month of October. How have you been so far? I have been through a bumpy ride but this month wasn't so bad either and I made it through too. Yes, we made it, You and I, together.

As usual, this post is the highlight of how October was for me because time is of the essence and I have some things to catch you up on.

Also, don't forget how we always do it, make sure to share how your month of October was, your wins, your highs, your lows, new projects, all in the comment box below. Remember, we are a tribe inspiring each other and I always love to celebrate with you, either way, I have your backs.

Please, let's begin.

Are you seeing the mote in the other fellow's eyes? || 6 signs you might be judgemental

Beautiful babes, hope October is still good to you? Mine is progressive, thank you for asking.
I just wanted to pop in here and share this article on avoiding the seed of being judgemental, the pitfalls that being judgemental brings and why you should avoid them.

So let's go!


It is almost impossible to forget your past especially when the experiences were traumatic, when such past left a life changing scar on you internally or externally.
Yes, we cannot run away from our past but you can heal through the process of acceptance and embracing your past.

Lessons from the birds || 4 life principles every young woman must live by

Hey ladies, I hope the month of October is still smiling at you?
Let me tell you a short story. Wait! before I do so let me tell you that I have not gone nuts, I'm not at all. I was in my right frame of mind when I made this observation ( I still I'm) Lol. I'm just a very curious person blessed with  inquisitive eyes and a super engaging mind, always ready to put it to good use. I also believe in learning the practical way through observing our surroundings and little details.

Now, let's get back to the point, the story.