Brave enough as a young woman?|| 3 things brave people have in common

Hello there, goal getters! Thank you for making out time for us to connect again today. I value your time and resources. Now that I have said that, I want to ask you a very simple question. Do you think you are brave enough as a young woman in a demanding world as this? I know you may be flinching in your chair right now because of such question but hold that thought. Before you give me a yes answer, I want you to know that I’m aware that the subject of being brave relates to everyone in different ways.

However, the commonest definition of “brave” is seen in the Oxford dictionary, meaning one’s ability to, readiness to face and endure danger or pain. To be brave means to show courage despite your inner fear about the outcome of such choices or actions. Are you evaluating your bravery towards life right now because of the above answer that I have given you? I guess yes! I’m guilty too even as the writer of this article. Yes , it is true that bravery is found in every human being in various context of our daily lives. Sometimes, someone’s bravery can be exhibited in her ability to speak up on things affecting her, the courage to make a commitment or maybe even the readiness to accept or make changes.

Moving on, if you believe that you are brave enough with life as a young woman, I want to share with you these three impeccable traits that I have discovered are common among most brave people.

3 things most brave people have in common

They are optimistic: Though not all brave people were born optimist but they learnt to be optimistic about life and cultivated optimism as a virtue in them. It is rare to find someone who is displaying signs of bravery in a certain situation or environment to be negative at the same time. Brave people are always always positive about whatever task or journey that they are embarking on. Even when they are afraid, they do not allow fear to overwhelm their positiveness towards that course. A brave person will always find a way to programme her mindset to think good, victory and success towards anything that she sets her mind to do. This is not to say that a brave person is never in doubt because after all what is bravery without fear and doubt. But her optimism and perception of life is what differentiates her as a brave person.
Fearless in their purpose: When you are brave you no longer feel intimidated by people, you can speak your truth even if it means loosing some people. You are not afraid to take actions that match your principles and words. A greater percentage of brave people have the courage to defend others who are not strong enough to do so. They go on a course that makes them feel fulfilled even if others are bent on proving them wrong.  

Dynamic in nature: Though it is true that the only thing that is constant in human life is ‘change’. But not all human beings find it easy adapting to change. Some lived in denial for a greater proportion of their lives before they could come to terms with the truth. Being brave most times means you must be able to adapt to change in any situation on time without seeing it as an hindrance to your success. And most brave people have this trait in common.  

However, I want you to know that live is a journey and it is a school where you are the student, see everyday as an opportunity to learn new things, make wise choices and allow yourself to grow. Because if there is one thing life is teaching everyone, it is to be strong, brave and be happy in life. No one can do that better for YOU!.

Thank you for reading. I hope you manifest bravery more than ever this year. As always, stay  connected and I will see you soon.

Your Thoughts?
What is your own of being brave? how do you master bravery in your daily life?

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  1. 3 things brave people have in common! I like the statement. Indeed you can't be brave unless you are optimistic- knowing that it will get better, even in the mist of turmoils.
    Bravure entails boldness, self- assurance, courage, and the zele of an overcomer.
    Being brave as you said Nika, means placing a demand on change, and flexibility.
    I do understand that I can't dare unless I'm brave to do so- because my tomorrow isn't telling how it's going to look.
    Can you really succeed without optimism, boldness, and dynamism??? I doubt; If you think about it, we need to try that extra mile we call: I'm sure about the outcomes, but I know it's going to work because The Lord is on my side.
    Great topic Nika, God bless!!