November Life updates|| Taking stock #7 + December Welcome Note

Hey ladies, hope you had a fruitful November?  I did too and I am so thankful for that.
It is that time of the month again, accountability time. The time for us to look back at how far we have come by appreciating the victories and challenges in the journey of life through out November.

I will go first, then you will also share yours with me in the comments box please.

A Blog Recognition award|| The Liebster Award + 11 Random facts about me

Dear friends our blog got nominated again
but this time it is the Liebster Award.
It is not by my effort alone, it is a collective effort; God's, yours and mine —our efforts.
I want to thank God and you for your constant support, love and thoughts which have made this journey worth embarking on so far. Check out my mystery blogger award here

The Liebster Award 2017 is an award that exists on the internet and is a form of recognition and award for bloggers. It’s also given from other bloggers and is an opportunity to share bloggers you might know.

And to Ezinne of I want to say that you are an amazing soul, for seeing my efforts with blogging good enough to be commended. Thank you. God bless you. Please guys check out her blog as she's doing an amazing job by documenting the life of employees/employers as a P.R personnel living and working as an immigrant in Canada.

4 classes of moments in life that your choices as a young woman fall under

Every moment in life will either make us or break us. Moments when you are offered a choice as a young woman because adulting is tough as so much is expected of you. You are offered the choice to obtain a degree from college, be a drop out or be uneducated. There are also moments when you will have to choose whether to be married or not. The choices in life are numerous, for some, they were guided through the right counseling to make the right decisions, while some  had to learn from their mistakes of making the wrong choices in life but what matters most is that we must choose as humans.
To make it even clear, we must learn to choose rightly as young women. There is a scripture that says "for women are the home builders". This is very true because the outcome of every successful home depends mostly on the woman. Ever been in those moments when you were  left with no option but to make a choice that is not just for your own interests but also accommodates the interests of others too.

Weekly words for the moment ||Walking in the path of another man’s destiny will prevent/delay you from fulfilling your destiny and purpose

Hello ladies, I trust God you are doing great and mighty things this remaining days of November. I am doing same. Let’s seize the moment and take advantage of God’s grace in our lives.
welcome to today's topic on weekly words for the moment and thank you for all your support and acceptance on the first edition.
Did you miss it? If so please click here to read it.


Weekly words for the moment || Stay in charge because God put you in charge of your life


Hello there Winners, I trust God you have been breaking grounds this month, so far. Please here is a little announcement on the blog and something that you have been looking forward to. I am starting a weekly motivation and inspiration series on the blog beginning from today, it's a way of me writing on topics the biblical way through my little understanding, knowledge of the word of God as we grow together and learn through the Light of God. I am going to put in my effort to make sure that this motivational/inspirational series goes up on the blog every Monday because the purpose is to get you started for the week with a positive mindset so that we can all be encouraged through it to start and finish our week strong. In case you see some instances where I abbreviate it WWFTM, please just know that I am referring to weekly words for the moment. Please look forward to this series because it's going to be packed with life changing inspirations/motivations.
Thanks for reading that announcement.

4 kinds of friends that we probably have in common

Hey ladies, I am coming right back at you with an interesting, somewhat hilarious post today. Oops! Sorry the start up line sounds like I am a girl in a hip hop rap tape, lol. But that aside, how are your friends? Hope they are doing great because we will be gisting about them today in this post. So I was thinking about  the amazing friends that I have made in life, close or far, then I thought to myself, we all have these kinds of friends in common, that is how today’s blog post came about.

Please read on because its going to be so much fun and interesting.

Value || The Net Worth Of Your Personality As A Young Woman

To be a person of value, we must keep working on ourselves until we are better than how we were yesterday. The concept of value varies from persons to persons but there is one thing that i know, if you are not impacting your world as a human being here on earth then you would rather be taken and seen as somebody who is not valuable. Are there such people who are not valuable in one way or the other? I would say, there is none, as everyone impacts in different ways that they can, be it small or big.


October life updates|| Taking stock #6

Hello tribe, thank God we made it through the month of October. How have you been so far? I have been through a bumpy ride but this month wasn't so bad either and I made it through too. Yes, we made it, You and I, together.

As usual, this post is the highlight of how October was for me because time is of the essence and I have some things to catch you up on.

Also, don't forget how we always do it, make sure to share how your month of October was, your wins, your highs, your lows, new projects, all in the comment box below. Remember, we are a tribe inspiring each other and I always love to celebrate with you, either way, I have your backs.

Please, let's begin.