Weekly Words for the moment || The only obstacles limiting you are the ones you allow:5 reasons why you need obstacles/challenges in life.

Dear young women, the only obstacles standing between you and your success are the ones existing in your minds which you have gotten comfortable to having around. Now they have become real strongholds hindering you from success that you wish you could do away with them for once in your life. Please do allow me to tell you that you can not do away with somethings which you have not known their reasons of existence in your life in the first place. In a nutshell, you must find out why you are going through those challenges or why those obstacles are in the way of your success presently Isaiah43:1-3

On that note you are welcome to today’s Weekly Words For The Moment.

5 reasons why you need obstacles and challenges in life

To build a positive mindset in you: Oftentimes, until you are faced with obstacles in life you will not be brave, you will not choose to see the bright side of life. When challenges come your way, your thoughts and your words will be full of positive affirmations or declarations. You will start seeing possibility of succeeding in the midst of chaos. Proverbs4:23

To work harder and smarter: Obstacles are there to help you work hard, to brace up for storms of life now and for the ones that are still to come. Because if things just come so easy for you, you will take life for granted believing that you will always see those opportunities when you need them. Proverbs12:24-28

To prepare you for success: The obstacles and the challenges that you face today exist so that you will feel what it means to fail or to lack a particular thing in life. God is preparing you with obstacles so that you will not abuse the success and the opportunities coming your way in future, so that you will still have good values and principles in the midst of overwhelming success tomorrow. To create humility in you today so that a humble character will become a part of you in the midst of plenty tomorrow. Luke 16:10

So you could share your story with people: The obstacles you have faced and overcame or currently facing and yet to overcome is because God wants you to use them to empower others going through the same or similar situations in the form of stories, testimonies, lessons from experiences in life. God wants you to serve souls, impact lives and encourage someone through your stories. Mark5:19, Psalm22:22

To learn to trust God: Oftentimes when the obstacles seem like they want to take your life, you will have no other option than to let go of trusting your guts and strengths and learn to trust the Almighty God . You will let go of the obstacles for Him to take charge and proof that there is God in heaven. Obstacles in life help you believe in miracles. Numbers23:19 Lamentations3:22-23

God wants you to overcome those existing obstacles in your life this new week, shall we pray.

Dear, Lord thank you for the revelations in your Word concerning the obstacles presently in my life. Please give me strength, grace and understanding to handle them. Thank you because you are not a man that you should lie, I believe that when you say a word you will be faithful to do it. Thank you for the assurance of victory over these obstacles now and in future in Jesus Mighty name Amen Number23:19 Lamentations3:22-23

Thank you for joining me on the blog today. I pray that you receive grace, strength and understanding on how to go about those challenges in your life all through this week. Victory is yours in Christ Amen.

See you next time. Please stay connected. 

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  1. Very valid points. Truthfully without obstacles we wouldn't be the strong women that we are and before we can get the success, lessons need to be learned. And of course, it boosts our faith and trust in God because it's in those moments of weakness that he shows himself.

    Princess Audu