Hello Loves! How have you been? I trust God that you have been doing excellently well.  As for me, I am still pushing forward. Thanking God for each day that He blesses me with.
So for today's post,  Taking Stock, it is something that I have come across on various blogs like Cassie Daves blog, Princessaudu's blog, Ramblings and snaps blog,  just to mention a few.
Taking Stock is me evaluating and giving an account of various things that happened in the month of March in order to kick start the new month. It is a summary of all the tit-bits that I could not talk about in details in the month of March.
Shout out to those bloggers that I have mentioned who inspired me to write this blog post.
Let's get to business people! Shall we? OK!

READING: Some amazing blogs such as Promodesty blog, Gingerlie, Precious Core, Cassie Daves. I mean, they inspire and motivate me to be a better version of me. These women have great minds. I admire them.

MAKING: Plans for my blog in terms of design, host and platform but in the mean time, enjoying where I am right now because it is a sign of great things to come.

STRATEGISING: On how to start a personal project, hoping to share the testimony soon by God's Grace.

MISSING: Cold water. Yes! Cold water, you can't believe that National Youth Service Corp (NYSC)  has a way of depriving someone from certain pleasures, even the least thing as cold water, the community I found myself as a Nigerian Corper lacks electricity. Therefore, I have no option than to drink non-refrigerated-water.God help me!

MARVELLING: At the wickedness and jealousy of humans to fellow humans, especially women working hard to pull fellow women down just so they can succeed. My God have mercy!
Let there be sisterly love please!

ADDING: some new vocabularies to my dictionary, after all I need it in this blogging thing, Lol.

WATCHING: a series titled 'Fringe'. This series is the bomb dot come. Dump-founded at the dark matter and the teleportations in this movies. Here in Africa, it is called 'witchcraft ' but look how the western world is profiteering from those. Africa please can we remodel how culture and traditions? Lol! Anyway I love this series, 'Fringe' you can get a copy for yourself.

ENJOYING: The people and the peaceful serenity of my Primary Place of Assignment. So much more different from the rowdy Lagos Life, even though I somehow miss it.

FEELING: sad about the changes that the harsh sun, weather and water of Cross River state have made to my skin.

WONDERING: if rain finds it difficult to fall in this part of Nigeria-Cross River State. Lord please have mercy! Let the rain come down because it is too hot here.

BELIEVING: that my tomorrow is better than my today.I believe faith and hardwork are the keys to achieving the 'impossibilities' in life.

THANKFUL: to God for my life, my family,friends and my personal person ( you know yourself). Really,God has blessed me with so much love.

That is it people, till next time.
I love you all.

How was your month of March?
Did you experience and overcome challenges?
Did you like this post?

Please leave me your thoughts on this post in the comments box below.You know that your comments make me happy.

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  1. I cant imagine staying without cold water. What part of Cross River State are you in because I'm wondering that don't they have those people that sell cold pure water. I like the blogs you mentioned too, been following Gingerlie on Instagram but never visited her blog and I was disappointed to see that Promodesty hasn't been active since last year. I actually unknowingly used a prewedding shoot of hers in a post on my blog, I guess shes busy with married life. Thanks for the mention and always commenting on my blog, I really appreciate it and somehow just knew you were a blogger. I encourage you to leave your blog link when you comment though.
    Princess Audu

    1. Thankyou Sarah for stopping, I'm greatful. I am currently serving in Ikom local government area,Cross River State but I had to move in with friends in another community because of accommodation challenge. Thanks again for tipping me to leave my blog link.

  2. Lolz your writing is cool. Great presentation too. Saw you on precious core. Congrats on your win.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog Gloria, it means alot to me. Hope you keep checking the blog for more.

  3. May there be sisterly love! There's nothing like women who truly love and support each other.
    Thanks for the mention dear!
    P.S. You are so pretty!!
    Hope the rest of the month brings good things to you.