October life updates|| Taking stock #6

Hello tribe, thank God we made it through the month of October. How have you been so far? I have been through a bumpy ride but this month wasn't so bad either and I made it through too. Yes, we made it, You and I, together.

As usual, this post is the highlight of how October was for me because time is of the essence and I have some things to catch you up on.

Also, don't forget how we always do it, make sure to share how your month of October was, your wins, your highs, your lows, new projects, all in the comment box below. Remember, we are a tribe inspiring each other and I always love to celebrate with you, either way, I have your backs.

Please, let's begin.

Celebrating: my recent blog award, the Liebster award. It feels so good that my blog is getting some recognition in the blogosphere, more bloggers and readers are discovering it. It's the Lord's doing. My pet project is becoming Mega. I am thankful to Zinny of ZinnyFactor for the nomination.

Making: plans to begin a new journey in life. I won't lie, I am scared and worried as to what the future holds for this new phase of life that I will soon commence. I can only pray to God that He orders my steps and guide me to make the right choices. Do you have fears and doubts about your decisions or choices in life?

Confessing: that the month of October was ok but bumpy. My colleague lost a loved one, it is unbelievably painful to watch her go through such pains in life. The lost of a loved creates a vacuum and it's traumatic but now she is recovering from the shock and seems consoled. I  console her daily with this words, "may you find consolation, hope and joy in God for the lost of your loved one". Have you lost a loved one before, how did you recover from such pains?

Wondering: yes, I wondered a lot last month! But I am not Alice in wonderland, even though I love that cartoon by the way. Here, I wondered about real life itself. Why is life not really fair to all? In the month of October, I drifted away in thoughts more often about life. I thought about some people that work so hard in life, yet they barely get the average but on the other hand, some people work less hard and they have it all. Does it mean that it's not the same God that is watching over both classes of people? Can't everybody just live above the average line? Have you ever found yourself asking these questions too? Please tell me.

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Battling: I battled and overcame 3 boils on my scalp in October. Gosh! It was so hurtful, I called them the evil triplets, lol. It has been long I experienced something so physically painful on my skin such that the pain was resounding in my eardrum. Some administered medications and home ready came to my rescue. So, I am heal and free from boils now. Thank God.

Strategizing: Pinterest success for my blog. Have you heard of the power of Pinterest in driving organic traffic to your blog? Well, I discovered that too and ever since the month of October came I have been mapping out my plans, goals and implementing them on how to succeed at Pinning for my blog sake. I am definitely pinning for success, you should check out my Pinterest account as I am sure there are some of my boards that will be useful to you. Also, do you have Pinterest accounts? Please leave them below, I would love to check out your boards and pins.

Experiencing: mood swings. Honestly, October came with bundles of hope but I never foresaw that mood swings was part of it. I have had my highest and lowest moments. Moments when I don't even feel like leaving my room (but I must adult), moments when taking the most pleasurable selfies of myself becomes a difficult task (I talked about it on my instagram) and also moments when writing blog posts becomes so physically straining. Even as I am talking to you now, this life updates post was written by the Grace of God and with my inborn passion for blogging because I was born to write. I don't know why I am having mood swings but there's one thing that I know, this too shall pass soon. It's a drawback in the life of an introvert and I must deal with it. Do you experience mood swings, how do you deal with it?

Watching: remember that I just mentioned my mood swings episodes in October above. Well, I tried killing it by seeing movies and I mean a whole lot of movies. So I am just going to mention a few to save our time; I saw Gifted, Pirates of the Caribbean, Fast and Furious 8, Chronicles of Riddick and some Barbie cartoon series. Wow! That's a whole lot for mood swings, lol. What movies are you seeing or currently seeing?

Reading: no, not books, surprisingly. I don't want to sound more boring. I read a couple of blogs articles on personal development, being whole after illness, blogging how to's, business branding. What did you read or are currently reading?

Blogging: I didn't write much blog posts because of my situation which I just shared with you, thanks to that. But I did write a few articles that you may have missed which I believe will be useful to you. Please read them through the links below;

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Learning: this is the bombshell.  October left me with a life lesson that is still resounding in my ear right now, "In life, time is the best gift that you can ever have". I am conscious of my time, maximizing it because each moment wasted counts. So, my people what are you using your time for? Happy new month by the way. May November bring clarity to our dreams.

Let's get chatty in the comment box.  Now tell me, how was the month of October for you?
Did you win, big or small victories?
Did you have your highest and lowest moments?
What were the challenges that you faced?

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  1. Being conscious of our time is so, so important. I’m all about intentional living! Wonderful to see all the progress you’ve made over the month. And congrats on the Leibster award!

  2. October was all over the place! I wanted to open a mattress store but when I looked closer into it I decided it wasn't a wise move. Plus my husband didn't approve and though I finally convinced him, his heart wasn't in it.

    I started working for a company picking up and delivering mattresses and it's been fun. I know that sounds weird but I do it on my terms. As a blogger/writer/marketer I usually work alone. So I like meeting people and asking them about their mattress. Plus, I found someone to help me and we have a great time talking on the way to pick up mattresses.

    Anyway, I relate to a lot of what you're talking about! I get scared when I'm not sure what's next. I'm taking on a lot of new things and hope they work out. Thanks for sharing with us and blog on!

    God bless,

    1. Hi,Janet,I completely understand how it feels when you don't receive the full backings of your loved on every decision. Also, it's good that you find Joy in your work. Thank you for sharing your progress too.

  3. Really enjoyed this read, very inspiring.

  4. Super post. samo tako nastavi ;)


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  6. My October started off well enough.. but towards the end it was absolutely awful. I'm really hoping November proves to be more favourable for me and things start to go in a better direction.

    Genuinely really loved this post. I love how you've laid it all out, it was really lovely to read.

    Laura ¦ www.laurahasablog.co.uk

    1. Hi, Laura, I'm sorry about what you had to go through in October and I pray November works well for you. Thank you for reading.

  7. I appreciate your honesty about many areas of your life. So often, it’s easy to share only the good stuff that sometimes we forget that people can be encouraged when they know that others have the same challenges. It helps me know that if you can overcome your obstacles, then I can too. I guess I needed to know that this morning. Thanks.

    1. We must encourage others with our story,Vox. Thank you for reading.