Are you seeing the mote in the other fellow's eyes? || 6 signs you might be judgemental

Beautiful babes, hope October is still good to you? Mine is progressive, thank you for asking.
I just wanted to pop in here and share this article on avoiding the seed of being judgemental, the pitfalls that being judgemental brings and why you should avoid them.

So let's go!

To be judgemental can be conscious as much as it can be unconscious. It can have a grip over someone's mind and personality. At first, you may think that it's a mere personality trait until it begins to hold you to ransom such that other people start to spot you as being judgemental, constantly trying to remove the mote in another person's eyes without removing yours first.

There is nothing wrong with proving your yourself worth, I believe it gives you reason to live but condemning the people you meet because you are trying to prove to them that they are wrong just begs the question, you repel rather than attract.

How do you avoid being judgemental?
The standard way of avoiding this seed is to uphold the natural laws of human values which are; learning everyday to live with others, love and accept them just the way are.

6 signs you might be judgemental 

How do you know you are judgemental or how to spot these signs in people.

When you  feel you are always right: you find yourself being dismissive of other people's opinions and advice. This is a sign that you might be judgemental or heading down that path.
This doesn't mean that you have to accept everything being thrown at you all in the name of accepting opinions and advice from people but it's important that you put your ego in check, accept your faults,  accept people's ideas or advice at some stage in life.

When  anger gets the better side of you:  some people flare up when people oppose their opinions or actions. They can cause a scene, harm others or even damage properties when they are angry. They will do anything to gain the support and approval of others. People who display this sign live  in the illusion that nobody measures up to the standard of opposing them. Therefore, they get upset when someone that they least expected refuses to give into their demands and stroke  their ego.

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You find it hard to forgive: when you are quick to create enmity in most people that offend you. It takes more than an apology for you to forgive - it takes ages and much peace talks to soften your heart to forgive people. These just mean that you want every other person to be blameless when you know that is just not achievable because you aren't blameless to start with.

You antagonize the most obvious truths: sincerely at this particular point, you don't have to be bias either. But if you derive joy in opposing the most obvious truths, if you believe that always opposing others helps you prove your point and expose their shortcomings.  You may be displaying signs of being judgemental.  For instance, some people will argue about the obvious color of a white shirt - which is clearly white.  They frustrate  the plans, efforts and actions of others in any group task they partake in. They may do so especially when they are not in the leadership position to anchor such task. They believe that other people are not good enough to lead therefore all they do is sabotage their efforts and plans. They have negativity in automation.

When you are quick to judge people and situations: have you ever heard of the saying, "never judge a book by it's cover"? This is true!
Some people are quick to analyze people based on their appearances and past. Some are so good at sketching a mental picture of others lives, they focus on analyzing other people's lifestyle, why they live the way they do and other thousand and one reasons why they shouldn't live that way.  These people are so good at evaluating and taking stock of other people, who is living upright and who isn't. One thing that I have realized in life is that some people have to walk the rough path before coming into their own truth. So stop trying to fix everybody by condemning them.

Then again I would ask, wouldn't you rather remove the beam in your eyes before seeing the mote in another person's eyes?

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When you associate based on societal class: This is prevalent in the society. They rich associates with the rich, the middle class with the middle class and of course the poor is left with the poor. It's a societal standard that can only be broken by us. If your friendship or relationship with someone is based on finance, societal title, profession, race and religion it means that you see others who do not fall into these classes as unfit and unworthy of your time, attention and friendship.
That's it for today, babes. See you in my next post. Stay strong and focus as always.

P. S. This post was an honest wake up call for me, to be watchful and avoid being judgemental and not to offend you. I hope it inspires you too. 

Let's chat in the comment box. 
Which of this signs resonates with you?
Has anybody told you before that you are judgemental?
How do you cope with judgemental people?
What other signs would you use in identifying people who are judgemental?

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  1. I really appreciated your point of view. It is all too easy to become judgmental of others and not look at ourselves.

    1. Hi Denise, thank you for finding time to read through and for leaving me your thoughts. Indeed we must avoid the this seed of being judgemental.

  2. You've listed very valid points. It's indeed a wake up call to anybody at all including me. It's so easy to see the log in someone's eye without first taking note of yours. Thanks for sharing.

    I nominated you for an award, so please take some time to read the rules and possibly answer the questions as well. See link:

    1. Wow Zinny, thank you so much for commenting first and secondly for finding me worthy of this nomination. I'm greatful

  3. Thank you. I think we all fall into that trap. It's such a human experience. Thank you for reminding us to expand ourselves away from narrow, ego driven thinking. Great post!

    1. Hi Rhoda, I'm glad it touched you too. Thank you for reading.