4 kinds of friends that we probably have in common

Hey ladies, I am coming right back at you with an interesting, somewhat hilarious post today. Oops! Sorry the start up line sounds like I am a girl in a hip hop rap tape, lol. But that aside, how are your friends? Hope they are doing great because we will be gisting about them today in this post. So I was thinking about  the amazing friends that I have made in life, close or far, then I thought to myself, we all have these kinds of friends in common, that is how today’s blog post came about.

Please read on because its going to be so much fun and interesting.

4 kinds of friends that we probably have in common  

The confident/excellent friend: this type of friend is the one who always thinks things through, very calculative before carrying out any action. She seems to figure out everything out for her life.  She is a boss babe, succes-oriented, an achievement pinnacle and leaves no room for loose ends. She is confident in herself and believes everybody can be too, she radiates the light of success on everybody that comes her way, she is independent in nature and its hard to know when she has an emotional breakdown from her physical appearance because of her comportment. 
This is the kind of friend that we are most likely to run to for advice, motivation, inspiration, help of any kind when we are in trouble because we trust her to always have answers for every question.
I call this kind of friend The Stepfords. Please don’t ask why!

The intrigued friend: Ah! this one I call her the curious cat. This friend is so curious about life, she believes in spontaneity because perfect is boring for her, she is a party rocker, the one that know just the right joke or word to get you out of a bad mood. She is the social butterfly, always know people that know people and so on. This type of friend is the one you call on when you need to hangout, throw a successful party and get an easy pass into a highly secured social gathering. When the occasion arises, you just know that she is the right one to call upon. The funny thing is that she is most likely to sleep over at your house due to late night partying, she takes everything so lightly, even when she is sad.

The sloppy one: This friend comes with so many emotional baggage. She is fond of shifting blames on others and attributing their failures on someone or something. She is most likely to show up at your house unexpectedly when she needs a place to squat or borrow something she will never return and when she is in emotional breakdown handkerchiefs and tissue papers always come in handy for them. This is the kind of friend that you technically carry on your back most times because she h as refused to own up to responsibilities and figure it out in life.
The other side is that she hardly takes advice concerning her problems but will rather prefer to ask for help too many times than she gives but most times she has negativity and jealousy in automation and you will always have a soft spot for her because of her vulnerable nature.

The ambivert: This friend, I would say, have an identity or personality crisis. One moment she is so brave and the next moment she is just a total surprise package. Her personality worries you as a friend because you think that she doesn’t know what she want or what she stands for in life because she is torn between two worlds of identities. 

I had fun writing this post, I hope it made you laugh as well.

P. S. I want to thank you so much for stopping by today, for reading and for your constant support and love which you have shown me on this journey and I hope you come back for more. I always feel fulfilled and happy when I read your comments, please don't forget to leave me some. Also if you know that there are are people that this blog can also inspire and impact, please feel free to use the sharing buttons on the post, subscribe by email and let's walk this journey together. I love you more than my cupcake. Hugs and kisses!

On a lighter note please lets gist in the comment box.
Did you enjoy reading this post?
 Does any of these characters identify you? 
Which of these characters do your friend fall under? 

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  1. I believe I'm perceived as an Ambivert in the eyes of my friends. Since, you mentioned me so clearly.

    I would say my personality fits the first and second.

  2. What a fun post. When I was younger I had a lot from the bottom of the list. Now I'm happy to say they are all Excellent friends.

  3. I used to have all 4 types of friends before....but nowadays i cherish friendships way more and therefore i am careful who i let in my circle of close friends.

  4. Such a cute post! I'm pretty sure I'm an Ambivert, but in a good way (I hope!)! Thanks for sharing.

  5. This post is inspiring and empowering. It helps us to differentiate the types of friends in our lives