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Hello there Winners, I trust God you have been breaking grounds this month, so far. Please here is a little announcement on the blog and something that you have been looking forward to. I am starting a weekly motivation and inspiration series on the blog beginning from today, it's a way of me writing on topics the biblical way through my little understanding, knowledge of the word of God as we grow together and learn through the Light of God. I am going to put in my effort to make sure that this motivational/inspirational series goes up on the blog every Monday because the purpose is to get you started for the week with a positive mindset so that we can all be encouraged through it to start and finish our week strong. In case you see some instances where I abbreviate it WWFTM, please just know that I am referring to weekly words for the moment. Please look forward to this series because it's going to be packed with life changing inspirations/motivations.
Thanks for reading that announcement.

Unto the main business of the day, the blog post.  

Stay in charge because God put you in charge of Life.

In Genesis 1:26-30 man ( male/female ) was created by God and equal rights and powers were given to everyone. In essence, no one was to subdue the other, be disregarded or be striped of their rights or privileges as human beings. They were equal.
But today, the table has turned to the opposite sides what are not of God's plans for us as humans.  
But we can still salvage the remains of God's glory for us in every area of our lives because it is His plan that we should stay in charge of our lives so that His name can be glorified.

This is why you should stay in charge of your life according to God's word

You have an enviable destiny. (Gen26:12-14)

God has given you the power to do so. (Deut30:19)

Life itself goes beyond what we see in the physical. (Rev12:7; Eph6:12)

You will have clarity of what to see, where you can go and what to do. (Rev12:7)

You have a royal destiny. (Gen17:5-17)

4 areas in your life you should take charge of

Your Mind: Your emotions can paralyze your mind, your mind can paralyze your body. Therefore, you should put your mind under the subjection of the Word of God and prayers to constantly stay in charge of what goes in and out of it. Remember that every form of battle won or lost was first in the mind before manifesting in the physical. Remember as a man thinketh in His heart, so is he. (Prov4:23)

Your Health: Because your health is also your asset, a means through which God glorifies Himself.  For you cannot fulfill God's purpose for your life in an ill health nor in untimely death, you can't also enjoy every other prosperity that you have if you are allowing the devil to cheat you with ill health. This is why you must travail in prayers and be victorious in this area of your life. (1Sam25:6; Isaiah65:20)

Your Finance: The word of God in Ecclesiastes9:14-17 makes it clear that "...the voice of a poor man is not heard and his words are despised. " Let's be sincere with ourselves on this money mindset. way back in the days of Jesus Christ,  money was recognized and used as a medium of exchange to give comfort and meet human needs and wants. (Psalms34:10). It is not our Creator's plans (God) that we (His children) should be poor, live a miserable life (a life where you pray that the little money you have will get you through the next day). I urge you today to take charge of your finance by praying, doing honest jobs, recognizing opportunities so that you can enjoy God's covenant of wealth in your life and also have to bless others without murmuring or worrying.

Your Surroundings: Yes, you need to pray for your country, region, state and tribe. A lot of crisis are happening in the world today, we need to take charge and travail against things like war, hunger, an outbreak of a killer disease that threatens the existence of mankind(Leviticus 13:48-59). God handed to us the duty to stay in charge of our surroundings by doing the little we can, if not for anything but for the sake of our loved who we wouldn't want to see suffer because of the chaos taking place in the world. 

Prayer points to take charge of your life

Will you join me in prayers?  If so, please pray in this manner.

Dear Lord, I live in Divine health, I'm waxing stronger every day, therefore untimely death and infirmities do not have dominion over me in Jesus Mighty name Amen. (3John1:2; Isaiah65:20)

My mind is the sanctuary of God, therefore devil you do not have a place in it in Jesus Mighty name Amen. (Philipians4:8; Prov4:23, Matt15:11)

Father, it is your will that I live in prosperity, I decree in the name of Jesus that the fruit of my labor are blessed abundantly beyond human imaginations, Amen. (Prov28:26; Ecc9:14-17)

I speak peace, abundance, God's wisdom upon my country, surroundings, and our leaders in Jesus Mighty name Amen. (Prov24:6, 1Timothy2:1-2)

Dear Lord, thank you for perfecting all that concerns me and for glorifying yourself in my life in Jesus Mighty name Amen. (Psalm138:8, Philipian1:6)

 P. S. I want to thank you so much for stopping by today, for reading, for your constant support and love which you have shown me on this journey, for finding this blog as your source of inspirations and I hope you come back for more. I urge you this week to take charge of your life God's way and watch God doing miracles for you. I always feel fulfilled and happy when I read your comments, please don't forget to leave me some. Also if you know that there are are people that this blog can also inspire and impact, please feel free to use the sharing buttons on the post, subscribe by email and let's walk this journey together. I love you more than my cupcake. Hugs and kisses!
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  1. Loved it! The finance portion just jumped out to me!

  2. We should stay in control of our own minds, bodies, and emotions.

  3. I need the reminder to stay in control of my mind! Too often I allow lies and emotions to take over, but I know through the power of the Holy Spirit, I can overcome those things!

  4. I love that you highlighted the importance of being in charge of your finances! I feel like as Christian's we forget that this something that God has called us to do, and we can't keep running around being irresponsible with our money!

  5. so so so good! it's time to take charge!

  6. So often we can attempt to control aspects of our life that we have no ability to control, however we neglect the areas we are able to. Thank you for the reminders.

  7. Such truth - I love your first point (about thoughts)... it is so easy to allow the enemy to take over our thoughts. Great post.

  8. Staying in the Word helps. We need to submit to him in order to have the strength to stay in control.

  9. If we focus on the Truth, the areas of our life where we need to be in charge will line up with God's will! Asking Him to help us surrender in these areas will help too!

  10. I haven’t seen this type of topics around , but i love it . Keep them coming

  11. The power of God's word is what keeps us physically ,emotionally and most of all spiritually sound!. Thank You for the good word!

  12. It can be difficult to stay focussed in the modern world, even if you don't have a god or gods to believe in there are some good tips in this post

  13. God's word is a guide to us n prayers /faith make them manifest.thanks for that prayer points, it was helpful

  14. Despite not believing in God, there is still a lot I agree with. Great idea for a weekly blog! ;)

  15. Today, I could find this to comment, the other day, I could not see this section. Nice post, having faith in Almighty does creates miracles.