Value || The Net Worth Of Your Personality As A Young Woman

To be a person of value, we must keep working on ourselves until we are better than how we were yesterday. The concept of value varies from persons to persons but there is one thing that i know, if you are not impacting your world as a human being here on earth then you would rather be taken and seen as somebody who is not valuable. Are there such people who are not valuable in one way or the other? I would say, there is none, as everyone impacts in different ways that they can, be it small or big.

As humans first and as women, I believe we grew up to see the double standards or the common beliefs that women are either not valuable or less valuable to the society a.k.a they make little or no impact in the society and in the world. It is a belief that women hide under the shadows of men’s achievements.

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To some extent, yes, it is true but that does not mean that we should not give value at all or if we are already giving out value, then there is always room for improvements. Because I believe that the people whose impacts are being felt even after they are gone from the surface of the earth are the people of value.

So, as a young woman, how can I improve my value or how can I become a person of value? You may ask.

Let’s discuss those steps below with emphasis on their other of importance.

5 steps to become a person of value.

Decide: You can’t be a person of value until you completely make up your mind on it. You must be devoted to your decision that you want to impact your world with the value that God has put within you. Whether they would appreciate  you or not.

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Know that popularity is not your purpose: A lot of people came to this world and made fame, money, luxuries, e.t.c. They thought their popularity was their impact or value that they should have given. Truth is, to be a person of value, your primary motive must be to give value and make positive impacts on other lives before your fame.

Do something different: On the contrary, unconventional impacts make a difference too. Look within your world, what are those areas, things, a certain tribe or race that people have not considered most important to impact with value? Do something different, impact in an unusual form, beat the bandwagon instead of joining the trend. If it is the poor or the children that you are touched to impact, make sure to go through the locals who represent the needy / grassroots.

Invest in yourself: A person of value never stops working on herself. As a young woman, you must never stop investing in yourself whether through acquiring a new skill, furthering your studies or maybe even learning how to ride bike, or climbing a mountain. You may need them someday. You may be able to add value to others through such knowledge and skills.

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 Be important everywhere that you go: A person of value is never a bench warmer anywhere that she finds herself. As young women, we must continually look for ways to impact our world be it through small or big act of kindness and together, we, all of us can make the world a better place.

How are you doing boss babes? How is November going for you? Till next time, stay valuable.

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Are you giving value to your society?
What ways do you invest in yourself in other to improve your Self-worth?
What ways are you impacting the world?

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