November Life updates|| Taking stock #7 + December Welcome Note

Hey ladies, hope you had a fruitful November?  I did too and I am so thankful for that.
It is that time of the month again, accountability time. The time for us to look back at how far we have come by appreciating the victories and challenges in the journey of life through out November.

I will go first, then you will also share yours with me in the comments box please.

The Monthly Rundown 

Coping: it is the sweater season here as well. The weather surfaced in late November and I don't like much of the dry wind because it dries my skin.

Incorporating: minimalism. The feeling and the lightness of coconut oil on my skin. Since the beginning of November I adopted minimalism in my skincare too. It is liberating.

Thankful: for life and for my family. The season of gratitude started fully in this month and I am looking forward to giving and receiving random acts of kindness from people too. It is Christmas people!

Loving: Studio apartment decoration ideas on Pinterest. They are just my spec; simple, standard and classy.

Drinking: much quantity of water because of the dry windy weather. Should I be worried?

Focusing: in the month of November, God gave me clarity on what to do with my life. I am just focusing on that purpose. It is a great feeling when you know what you were born for.

Pampering: My hair. I had to spend time caring for my since I neglected it for a long time under protective style. My scalp can use some care too.

Growing: I have been seeing some visible growth in my Pinterest following since I started implementing Pinning for success. I am glad to see this. Please do follow and also leave your accounts and boards so I can follow back too. It is getting interesting there.

Reading: just before the month of November ended I got this book titled 7 Laws Of Leadership. I have not started reading it yet but I look forward to it.

Blogging: I started a new series on the blog through God's direction. It's a weekly series and it comes first thing on a Monday morning. Don't miss out. It is loaded with transforming knowledge of God's Words and Promises for you and I.
Here are the blog posts from November that you may have missed. Do read them please.

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Learning: in November it really dawn on me that  those who have been hot too many times have great potentials of healing faster than those who have not been hurt before. Think about it. It is true.

December Welcome Note 

Dear ladies and friends, I welcome you to the month of December. May this new month answer to us and cause us to manifest our heart desires. You know that it is my desire and prayers for you that all things work together for your good in this season of gratitude.

I sincerely extend a sisterly hand of fellowship to you no matter where you are from nor your works of life. We are women, we are sisters and we are one.

Therefore I urge you today, that you embibe the attitude of thanksgiving by reaching out to everyone around you; friends or enemies, children or adults, the poor and the broken with little random acts of kindness. The world will thank you.

However, do your daily duties, work and businesses with diligence and delight. Bear it in mind that the universe will give back to you what you put in to it. Remember, God–the owner of the universe is watching and He will reward all your labor. Do not despair.

Please be sincere with yourselves by setting realistic and achievable goals in the month of December. Take charge of your life in this new month, be watchful, pray more than the usual, stand for something so that you won't fall for anything that comes your way and remember that God loves us all equally as His children. Cheers!!!

Yours truly, Dee.

Your Thoughts?
How was your month of November and what goals do you have for December? 

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  1. Love your blog! And I totally agree with embracing an attitude of thanksgiving this season, thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm so glad you had such a fruitful November and happy you embrace an attitude of gratitude! Wishing you a beautiful December ♡.

  3. This was so fun! Love your list and I’m feeling the same, yay sweater weather and drinking all the water! Can’t wait to see your new blogging project ❤️

  4. Really enjoyed reading your November updates. Keep writing! :)

  5. I am so inspired and excited to get the month started! Thank you for that! Drinking water is so important. I need to get better at that!