Weekly words for the moment || The truth is not to hurt you, it is to prepare you for what is ahead

The truth is bitter, it breaks but it also comforts. The after effects are not always as bad as the opposite sides - ignorance and lies. God Himself did not lie that we will not encounter the storms of life but He told us the truth so that we might be prepared to face them in Isaiah 43:2
"when thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flames kindle upon you".

So many times you have said, "tell me the truth" but deep down in your hearts you know that you are not ready for the truth because it is often times not the regular words that you will love to hear. The truth comes with rebuke, light, understanding, freedom, solutions, focus, and warnings that will do you so much good. So many people get lied to too many times because they are afraid of dealing with the truth and confronting the problem. They are afraid of the exposure that the truth will bring to their ignorance. They are afraid of being vulnerable to the truth. They are afraid of the uncertainties that follow their ignorance.

Perhaps you are a mother and the Doctor just recently revealed to you that your child has an ailment. Don't despair for the truth is not to hurt you, it is to bring solution for your child. Maybe your personal medical report does not contain the good news that you need to hear right now, is your case that of abandonment or denied opportunities, too many NO's have been said to you by so many people that it makes you feel helpless? Don't despair for you need those truths in order to stay strong . They are the storms of life and just like every other storm, they will be still soon.

I bring good news to you today, the truth that you have been told is God trying to prepare you for what is ahead. It is God telling you be strong, it is God telling you take caution for the devil comes to steal and to destroy, it is God trying to prove to you that He is the Supreme Ruler of the universe and there is nothing difficult or too big for Him to do. So put yourself together, cry if you can, scream if you may, pray some more and forge ahead. 
The Word of God through the Bible says; 
"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free". John8:32

My dear friends, when you have refused to accept the truth concerning the situation or challenges that you may be dealing with now or when you are living in a state of denial and ignorance. You are bound to experience these things; 

Confusion: you will not know the right solutions to apply to that problem. 1Corin 14:33

Anxiety and speculations: you will keep guessing. "what if it is true", "what if it is not true".Romans 14:23

Tears and sadness: Your heart bleeds with pains and sorrows because of your ignorance or denial of the truth. Joshua 1:9

You will play the blame game: You will carry the burden of guilt and blame on yourself, shift it on others just because you feel guilty, also because you want others to take the blame for you. Your conscience will put you in prison Gal 6:2

Delay: ignorance or denial of the truth causes delays in the manifestation of your victory over that situation or problem you are going through. Prov 19:2 Hosea 4:6

So, are you willing, ready to accept and deal with the truth today? If your response to that question is yes, then I must say congratulations because you are brave and ready to have victory over that situation through Christ Jesus. 

How you should deal with the truth in order to prepare yourselves ahead for the storms of life

By speaking life and positive affirmations upon yourself and all that concerns you. Prov 18:21

By reading, listening to scriptures and motivational materials 2Tim 2:15 

Through prayers Mat 11:28

Surrounding yourself with a community of like minded believers 1Corin 15:33

By seeking spiritual counsel from a spiritual authority or from someone that has an understanding of what you are facing at that time. 

By confronting that situation or problem with restructured plans and strategies Prov 10:4

You and I can not handle the truths that the storms of life bring except through God's grace. Therefore with that understanding let us pray in this manner. 

Dear Lord, thank you for the revelations in your Word, I receive the grace to accept and understand the mysteries written therein in Jesus mighty name Amen. Col 2:2-3; 1:26

Father in the name of Jesus Christ, strengthen me with the power of the HolyGhost to be able to accept the truths and withstand the storms of life when they come my way, Amen. Isaiah 43:2

Dear Lord, stir up the power of the HolySpirit in me to guide me, teach me, counsel me, help me to understand, free me from the spirit of confusion so that I may know the truths from lies in Jesus mighty name Amen John 16:13, 1Corin 14:33

I declare that I am surrounded with people of great counsel, people who will choose to say the truth to me even when I can't take it 1Corin 15:33

Thank you Heavenly father for preparing me ahead for the truths that are coming my way in life in Jesus mighty name Amen. Psalms 107:28-31

Your Thoughts? 
How do you deal with the truth especially when they come in the form of bad news? 

Again, thank you so much for being here to read this blog, for finding it motivating and for allowing me to encourage you through life by His Words. You are blessed, this week shall answer to you,you shall have victory over the storms of life in Jesus name Amen. I urge you this week to please learn to accept the truth so that you can deal with that situation through God's victory. Have a fruitful week. Please help me know your thoughts or what you might be going through in the comments box, I'd be happy to hear from you as always. 
See you soon. 

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