Faith is not only for missionaries, you need a pinch of it

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I was privileged to see a movie that moved my sense of reasoning.
In one of the scenes, a character said to his co-character in the movie 'have faith' concerning the situation that they were facing, according to the story line. The co-character who was told to have faith immediately replied sarcastically 'faith' is for missionaries, give me an immediate result'.

My sisters in fellowship, I was astonished by such pessimism and irony because truly in the book of Hebrews 11:1- 40. The Bible shows the accounts of so many sons of the prophets, the prophets themselves, missionaries, apostles, and ofcourse the Messiah himself - Jesus Christ who performed so many miracles through faith. I didn't stop there, I went as far as exploring the Biblical truth of faith works, miracles and victories in the lives of ordinary men and women right from the days of our Lord Jesus Christ. Examples are the woman with twelve years issue of blood healed by her faith Mark 5:25, the centurion's servant was brought back to live through his master's faith Luke 7:1-10, Jairus daughter ressurected to live because of the father's faith in God. Luke 8:40-56. Shall I mention less!

This belief that 'faith is only for missionaries' still exists in the mindset of humans till today, I was once relying on only the hope that I had in my self and fellow humans until Christ saved me to become a believer. So you see either way, at some point in life we have been caught with this type of mindset. It has cost people their victories, humility, grace, healing and ofcourse salvation of their souls.

The simplest explaination of faith is called hope and believe. Everybody seems to have hope and believe in one thing or the other for their expectations to manifest but not everybody has faith in God because this goes beyond "hope". It is believing in God through His son Jesus Christ as the master-minder of the universe, capable of knowing your thoughts, and that He is the one that makes you manifest your expectations by His, not by your strength. Romans 10:10
To have faith, you must advance from the level of just hoping to believing that power has been given to you by God to manifest that which you have requested for and all that you need to do is receive it from the universe.

In ancient Philosophy and History, the word 'Abracadabra' comes from an Aramaic phrase meaning, 'I create what I speak'. This clearly means that you must believe it to see it. Dear  young women, the words that you speak are powerful ( they have the tendency to create magic) but only if you can have a little faith while speaking what you want into existence. In the book of Hebrews 11:1 the Bible says ' is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen'.

Yes it is true that Apostles and anointed men of God from the beginning of the world, the days of Jesus Christ till today still perform great miracles and victories through faith but I am glad to also expose the truth to you today that those miracles where or are not sustainable by their faith alone but by the faith of those ordinary men and women upon whom those miracles were or are performed on from various works of life.

Therefore, this is to also show that when the question of faith comes to the foreview, it all boils down to what do you believe? who do you believe in? and why do you believe?
However, if only you know the source of your faith, the magnitude of it does not really matter, you shall do exploits.
No matter how small or big your faith is it can move mountains. Just speak the word into existence in your life. Mark 11:23

Before you go out this week, please I would love for us to pray together in this manner saying;
Father in the name of Jesus Christ, open my heart and give me the grace to believe in you as the ruler and the master of the universe, open my eyes to see and my mouth to loudly declare your glory and wonders. Help me not to rely on my strength and in humans alone. Amen Romans 10:10

Side Note: because of the expository nature of this topic "faith", please I shall publish it in three parts on the blog, this is the introductory part. Please do not miss out, come along with me and always check back on the blog as it promises to be full of God's wisdom and mind transforming, it will strengthen your faith in God.

Your Thoughts ?
What does faith mean to you? 
How do you manifest what the universe gives you? 

P. S I'm so grateful that you are here to read this blog. It is not by chance but by a divine arrangement because you needed to see this. Please do share it with others. I thank you for your honest love and support, for allowing me to encourage you through life, do have a fruitful week and have faith in God by speaking what you desire into existence. 

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  3. Very inspiring and helpful. Thanks for it serves as a reminder that God wants us to trust Him completely.