The flipside of the Coin || the side you don't wish to be on

This is the truth about being on the other
side. You will have to get a taste of both sides of life before you can truly appreciate and value the lessons learnt. Unless you experience what it feels like to be on the other side of any situation, you may not understand what I'm talking about now.
If at all you have not yet experience the both sides of life situations this post is to help you create awareness about some ironies in life, appreciate life the more, learn more yet be thankful for the grace to be where you are now.
On the other hand, if you have had a taste of both sides of life, good or bad, smiles or sadness, today's post is for you as well. It is to encourage you to learn through life, appreciate the struggles and the lessons along the way.

Life is beautiful and amazing but so are it's ironies to human beings too. This makes me believe that karma is indeed real and true. Some people may see ironies as mere coincidences in life but if you could only read deeper meanings to them, you will definitely find true life lessons and counsels within them.
Today I will be making known some ironies in life and the lessons that they hold for any young woman that will choose to learn from them.

Irony of life one
When flood comes, fishes eat ants but when flood recedes ants eat fishes.
This irony of life means that no condition is permanent for ever, never. Only time distinguishes everyone. The truth about life is that you can be on the other end of the line within a split second.
The lesson: what may be an hindrance to someone else's success is an opportunity to succeed for another. When it's your time in life, nothing can stand in the way. Therefore be apt in recognizing and seizing opportunities, don't forget to appreciate the journey because the table is turning fast.

Irony of life two 
For making soap oil is required and to clean oil stains soap is required.
This is so intuitive. If you have been opportuned to be in a factory where soap production is done either for local consumption or commercial purposes, you will know that this is very true. Soap and oil are indispensable to each other, in other words one can't do without the other.
The lesson: no one is self sufficient, the person you hurt or reject today might be the same person to help you tomorrow, vice versa. Everybody needs help in life at some point, so treat people as good as you would love to be treated.

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Irony of life three:
You will not know how it feels to be sad until you have lost your happiness.
Ever been sad?  If yes let me see your hand up. Ok! I believe you know that feeling of being sad, loosing the things or the  people that bring you happiness, watching all that you have ever built your happiness around slip through your fingers, in your eyes because you have no control over such events. Though what makes up our happy lists vary from person to person but I believe you know how golden happiness is even if it is for a day.
The Lesson: Count your blessings and name them one by one, stay grateful to God and to the people that contribute to your happiness, appreciate those things that make life worth living because your happiness or sorrow today may be what someone  needs to smile and have a reason to live for tomorrow.

Irony of life four:
To learn from life you must make mistakes in life.
I am an ardent believer that experience is the best teacher ever. Everybody makes mistakes but what makes a difference is choosing to learn from our mistakes.
The Lesson: Don't be afraid to make mistakes, move out of your comfort zone because clarity and focus come from lessons learnt through life mistakes. Your success is not in your comfort zone. Launch into the deep!

Irony of life five
To lead you have to serve. Getting to the ladder of leadership has no short cut, you must serve somehow irrespective of the position. Every true, good and successful leader started by serving. Life doesn't accept short cuts.
The Lesson: this irony of life simply means that in life when you start from the beginning, the ending is sure to be successful. Humility is key. You have to serve in other to be served.

That is a wrap for now, Queens.  Those were some of the ironies in life that I have learnt from which I think you could also learn from as young women. I am open to your thoughts and additions to this post. Please do share.
Your thoughts?
What ironies of life do you know and have learnt from?

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Maddy. I'm glad you stopped by to read it.

  2. Whoa, your ironies of life were DEEP. I wasn't prepared for that this morning. Thanks for making me think!!!!! Loved this post.

    1. You are welcome, Amanda. Thank you for allowing me encourage you through life.

  3. Ironies have been my LIFE since becoming a mom! How true are your words! <3

    1. I can't underestimate how that must make you feel, Lisa. God will strengthen you in His grace through the journey. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  4. Woah.. Love your post.Thanks for sharing

    1. Glad to see you here, Rachel. Thank you for reading.

  5. I absolutely love and agree with all those ironies in life and this is worth sharing for millenials and younger generation to understand. And for the close minded people to know that life is short and we are not in the same place for as long as we want. Great way to remind everyone that we are all a diamond in the rough.

    1. Absolutely, the younger generation of women need to know these things. After all the earlier they prepare the mindsets,the better they become. Thank you for reading

  6. Speaking as your elder young lady you are right. As big Mama used to say, keep living. Life is full of surprises and you never know the person you snub today is whose behind you kiss tomorrow. My husband learned the hard way when he treated his biological father like dirt at our wedding. When I got sick and couldn't work he helped us. Timely post

    1. You are so correct,Bonnie. We must learn from life definitely. Thank you for your contributions.

  7. This is a great and inspiring post! The 5th irony has been one major aspect of my life this year. There are truly no shortcuts in life especially if you want an outstanding success. Thanks for sharing!


  8. Aww! Naomi, so glad you are here again. We definitely do not need to cut corners because we feel that we should arrive fast at our journey in life. Thank you so much for your contributions.