Hey, beautiful people how have you been? So the month of June has finally come to an end and I thought I should share with you what went down in my  personal/blogging life in June.

Also notice that I didn't tag this post taking stock? Well, I feel that the taking stock post/tag has become too common and a tad bit boring. So, here I have decided to tweak my own and add fun to it. Enjoy reading it!
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1. Lately I decided to join @airingmylaundry linkup but having seen how both the host and the participants don't follow the rules of a linkup, I have decided that I wouldn't be participating in their linkup again. However, I will continue to share the "hey it's okay series" on the blog because it helps relieve pressure on myself and to know that some things are just okay the way that they are.

2. I am looking forward to collaborating with fellow bloggers in my niche and also to submit guest posts to other blogs. In case you know the blogs or are interested in collaborations/guest posts submissions, please reach out to me thank you.

3. My love for makeup and hoop earrings can't be underestimated. These two accessories have a way of taking an outfit from zero to hundred. Do you love makeup and hoop earrings like me?

4. So,  Cross River State Labour Union has been on strike for almost two weeks now and they have refused to resume as demanded by the State Governor. This has resulted in most corpers staying in their various lodges, including me since I'm serving in a government parastatal. Well, I'm making the most of the long vacation. Lol.

5. I am currently reading this mind changing book, Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude. Authored by Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone. This book is so impactful and I would love to share some excerpts from the book soon, so please subscribe to the blog (if you haven't) and stay in the know of things.

6. Oh! Lest I forget, I'm still eating rice since it's the most commonest food here in Nigeria or maybe in Africa. I just love rice in any version.

7. I am continually tweaking and adding new features to the blog. So, don't be a stranger, take a tour around the blog, observe and of course leave me some suggestions and compliments, a girl can use some. Lol.

8. My blogging consistency is something I am patting myself on the back for. I know it's baby steps but I'm so thankful to God for His Grace because "small drops of water makes a mighty ocean". I mean, to publish weekly is a good improvement for me and I hope I continue that way.

9. Rain! Rain!! Rain!!! Yes please, it's rainy season here and I am loving it. At least the heat has reduced to a minimum and the atmosphere is cold - I love it. Remember here where I complained about the sunny weather? Is it raining in your end? Hope you like the rainy season (a.k.a fall season)?

10. Lately, I've committed myself to appreciating life and enjoying the little things in life since I recovered from an illness. Life truly can be easy if we just took things easy on ourselves -lesson learnt in the month of June.

So that's my June life updates. Till July.
As always I hope that this post reaches you in good health.

How was your month of June like friends?
What exciting updates do you have to share?

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