You have to know that God handed to everyone his/her purpose in life and however we choose to achieve our dreams and purposes in life is not yours to determine. For we walk the sands of time through different paths.

Dear society, 

It is not normal that as women, we live our lives in constant fear of what the society will think of us if we deviate from the cultures, norms and traditions of our society. 

Dear society, why have you decided to place "the problem of double standards" for us women? A woman is not outrightly supported to take up certain positions of authority in the society just because she is seen as a woman-considered a subordinate to the male folks. Dear society, remember that we are also blessed by God with knowledge and wisdom to profer solutions in complex situations where the men can not figure it out. 

Dear society, when some of us wants more wealth, it's not because we are greedy or selfish,it is because we want to have enough so that we can bless our families, loved ones and even you the society.

Dear society, when a woman strives harder than their men and are placed in an office of authority, she shouldn't be seen as a greedy and proud woman. She is only human and wants to realise her dreams/aspirations and impact her world just as the men are entitled to do so. 

Dear society, when a girl as has come of age to marry and she doesn't, remember that she has other priorities on her list which marriage may not be the number one unlike for other women. Remember that she is still developing and preparing herself for the man that will complete and accept her inadequacies unlike her society. Dear society, do not judge her for not seeing marriage as a rescue option. 

Dear society, also know that women should not be judged in terms of A or B's accomplishments, what they did or passed through to have achieved what they have now, you do not know! How then can you judge or compare A in terms of B's accomplishments? Like I said, to each person was his/her purpose handed to by God. 

Dear society, we can't just live the 'hush hush' lifestyle just because we are women. We want our voices to be heard because we also have something to offer just as our male folks,we want to be free to dream, aspire and experience what the true meaning of LIFE is. 

Dear society, just know this, some people make histories, some write histories, some read histories and we women are in no competition with our male folk but to make peace with our pasts and be better than we were yesterday. So allow us to make mistakes, learn from them, move on with life and grow in life. 

How are you doing my friends?
Do you face gender marginalization as a woman in your society, please share?

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  1. Replies
    1. You welcome Grace and thank you so much for reading. God bless you.

  2. This is actually a really good piece. D ridiculous standards of society sometimes could actually deprive us from achieving Wat we ought to.

    1. Thanks girl for reading. Yes, it's high time we stood up against the gender marginalization as women

  3. This is pure and fact, I love this post! You have a nice blog.

    1. Tessy thank you for stopping by,I'm greatful.

  4. Well written. Thank God people are learning to have a mind of their own too and standing for what they believe in regardless.

    Do check out my post for your mystery blogger award nomination

    1. Thank you so much Ijeoma for visiting my blog and for finding me worthy of this nomination. Greatful here. I will definitely check out the link. Thank you.

  5. This is such a beautiful piece. You're definitely speaking the minds of a lot of women

    1. Aww!Amber, thank you very much.definitely we also deserve better as women.