Hey lovelies! I am here again, thank God for life. Hope you're doing excellently well? Yeah? OK, good.
Thank being said, I want to share something fantastic with you all.hopefully you can relate it to your lives and use it.
Let's dig in.
As a little girl growing up, I always dreamt of being rich in my twenties. You know the whole idea of having a house(home) of my own, a business empire, a job I'm happy at, a hubby, children and of course much money to keep my family and help humanities who are in need.
With regards to this, one of my short/long term goals in life is to be financially stable. I know it's not a day job but I am grinding hard(at least I try harder everyday). The feeling of sinking in financial insufficiency is a stigma - I hate it.
To be in debt because of that is even the worst stigma ever - I thank God debt and I repel each other.  It's taken me some discipline from being stingy to myself, prioritizing my needs, to investing and lots more. Want to find out? Yeah? Ok, read on.
 so I...

Save pennies and invest. Ever heard of the phrase “small drops of water makes a mighty oceans”. Well why not try saving pennies, especially those change you get at shopping malls and see how much it will amount to. Try not invest it in candies, chocolates, and milkshakes. Kill the guilty pleasures for a while – you will thank me later. There is no long statement for this post but I want to say that having some money to fall back on when the need arises helps a lot.

Imagine my life in 5-10 years time. I usually ask myself, would I like to be in this same financial position in the next 5 to 10 years? –My answer, NO. Do I want to be rich so that other people can also look up to me for help financially? My answer, Yes.
You know when you’re not from the not so average background you will know that in today’s society it is either you are called the POOR or RICH.
Jot down my life plans. I figured I want to be rich in my twenties so I realised having a vision in that line would be best. I wrote down the things I want to do and those ones that I would not do, the kind of job I would be happy doing and the instructions I would see myself working, the places I want to go the step I need to take in order to achieve the goals. I also didn’t forget to write the successful intellectuals who have made it life and have inspired / motivated as role models and read about their success secret. Try it –it will give you a focus in life.

Sell something. When it comes to decent business every form of shyness is behind me, as long as it includes money. I do not mind ringing a bell in an open market just to call customers to come and patronize my merchandise call me crazy but sorry we all have our business strategies. I like going primitive most times. What are your business strategies? Share?
Anyway you may be the type that doesn’t like selling goods but look within yourself, discover your talent, passion and develop it or even acquire some skills and use it to earn money.
Trust me according to S.B. fuller, the easiest way to becoming rich is by selling something, either goods or services.

Thrift my clothes. I know some people think that thrifting is for only cheap skates,but high-brands could be found while thrifting. And you can still wear your thrifted outfits confidently while saving some cash. After all, it depends on your packing and carriage.

Have 2 square meal a day. instead of 3 square meal I decide to go with 2 square meal a day. I have come to learn that when you are so use to a particular order in life, you begin to see it as your right instead of a privilege given to you by God.so I adapt. An elderly person once told me that its only a poor man that eats all his food and forget what tomorrow will be like.
I make budget for everything: its not stinginess it called being prudence with my spending. I make budget for food, clothes, housing (well, future). I make sure that I rank them in the order of importance in order not to make the right financial decisions at the wrong time. I also go as far as estimating the amount that I would likely spend on each need.

Develop my DIY skills. paying for expensive face treatment, body massage, nail art are not my thing for now. So to save myself a financial landslide I do my nails myself with the help of Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube videos, as a makeup enthusiast I carve my brows myself and beat my face to perfection such that it attracts others to seek my services. You will even save more money when you do it yourself. Instead of spending thousands monthly to fix yourself. Try it and see how relieve that part of your finance will be.

Don’t buy on impulse. because I have a goal in life I make sure that I discipline myself on impulse buy buying whether it be clothes or any other thing. I tame my flesh also if I want to go cloth shopping,I make my list from home a day before hand, writing down the types of clothes,  the numbers I want to buy so that I would not deviate from the initial plan. And I make up my mind from the house that any item that is not on that list, I would not buy.

Take-up holiday jobs.  that its about getting the word out there, telling people that you are searching for holiday jobs and sincerely searching for the jobs yourself too.
You know, holiday jobs have a way of adding to your value, you will learn new skills while at the job or even improve your skills, or even help you secure a permanent employment.(who knows!).  holiday jobs can help you starch up some money,build your CV/Resume,help you get recommendations and business foundations if you ever decide to use the knowledge you got in future. Go for it!
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I hope this post helps in some ways. As always I pray and hope that this post gets to you in good health. 
With love - Dee

Do you want to be rich in your twenties?
At what age in life do you want to be rich?
What step are you taking?

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  1. Hi Dominika, this is a nice post. Who doesn't want to be rich right?!

    As for food, I just can't eat twice in a day unfortunately. I don't joke with my food when I really want to eat or crave something, especially because sometimes I loose my appetite for no reason at all.

    So when I want to eat, I just go for it. Although, I think I'm a foodie -it's complicated! lol.
    Anyway, these tips you've got here are really good!Thanks for sharing.


    1. @Zinny lol at I think I'm a foodie but it's complicated. You are not alone sister because I have a friend who finds cooking as a therapy and I admire that about her. I'm glad you liked this post. Thank you for stopping by and hope you come back.

  2. Nice tips especially that advice on impulse buying,i really need to work on it. Thanks so much for these

    1. Baby steps is key when trying to kill an habit dear. Adjust to not buying on impulse little by little. I'm glad you liked this post. Thank you for reading.