The students of the community secondary school, Akparabong, Ikom, Cross River State. 
Indecent dressing is a common problem in the society today especially by the youths.
To be indecently dressed means to deliberately expose ones body to the public, either to attract or not to attract attentions).
This attitude is not accommodated by the cultures and traditions of our society, specifically the Nigerian society and also in Africa.

This mode of dressing is now common in schools, churches and even  offices.


ASSAULT AND SEXUAL HARASSMENT:all in the name of fashion, ladies dress half naked to functions, even in schools. Today,our girls find it fashionable to sew tight mini skirts as school uniforms and still end up dragging it to their cleavages in the attempt of making the school uniforms shorter. Hence,  attracting their fellow male students and even their male teachers(for the irresponsible male teachers) to sexually harass or assault them.
Also the boys don't follow the rules of dressing in their complete and right school uniforms.
Some of them switch their specified black sandals for  casual and fashionable slides or trainers, they unbutton their shirt uniforms, color their hair and put on bandanas or scarves to school. These in turn present them as touts in the society, making them look as prime suspects of any crime that happens in their communities.

UNGODLY FASHION TRENDS: because the manufacturers of clothes know that our today's youths like exposing their bodies,they make sure that they send in specific clothes into the market to meet that aim and purpose.

STEALING AND PROSTITUTION: because our young girls and boys in our society  wants to belong and meet up the standards with their friends who dress in fashionable clothes, they can go as far as stealing and prostituting themselves for money or the fashionable items.

UNDUE ARRESTS BY THE POLICE: since it is the way that you are dressed that you will definitely be addressed. Therefore, any crime that occurs in the society are often directed to those youths who dress like rascals, which in most cases, some of them are innocent but wrongly arrested by the Police because of their appearances.

UNGODLY GENERATIONS: irrespective of the phrase that "God sees the heart," it's believed that as a man thinketh in his heart so is he. If you are constantly thinking and striving to meet certain fashion targets and trends, then you can't serve two masters at a time.

Indecent dressing can be reduced to a minimum rate in our today's youths in the society(schools, churches, offices,etc) through;

1. The parents/guardians of our youths should not encourage their children to dress indecently by not buying or telling them to buy clothes that can hug/expose their most attractive body parts to the public.

2. Parents, Teachers,Guidance and Pastors should discourage the youths from going to parties and night clubs (until they are able to make good and firm decisions for themselves) by speaking against it and revealing to them the disadvantages such places carry.

3. Parents, Teachers, Guidance, Pastors and the people in places of authority should dress decently and be worthy of emulation, as they are capable of influencing the youths, good or bad.

4. The school authorities should ensure strict compliance by the students with the school uniforms. The school authority should appoint specific teachers or staffs that go classrooms to classrooms to monitor at least once in a week, that no student wears anything extra other than the recommended school uniforms, right color of sandals, socks, belts, and berets. And there should be penalties for those students that break the bounds.

Please Note: I gave this presentation in a community secondary school here in Cross River State as a Youth Corp member. We went for a sensitization of the students as a CDS group -community development group,a unit of the NYSC. And as I wrote this presentation I was also sensitizing myself on the topic of indecent dressing because I know that I am not perfect but I am a work in progress.
A cross section of Corp members 
As always I hope and pray that this post gets to you in good health.
Yours in service, Dee

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