ELECTRICITY: a necessity in the Corpers Lodge

Hello blog readers, hope you all doing fine? Me, I have been up and doing at my primary place of assignment (PPA) as a Corper serving her country - Nigeria.
As all of you must have read in my previous post, assuming. *winks*
This segment "Life of a Nigerian Corper " I will be blogging about my experiences during my one year of serving Nigeria my Country.
Today was a glorious day, why?  Because in the corpers lodge were I am living, we finally conquered electricity challenge. Because electricity is such a necessity in human life.

When we (corpers) got to this lodge, we observed that there has not been any form of electricity for years at least since the first set of corpers were posted here.

We convened in a meeting and came up with how we were going to have electricity - A GENERATOR.

Our Corpers Liason Officer (CLO), got the generator from the secondary school who provided the lodge which corpers are posted to.

Reality check: The outlook of the generator was something to laugh about ooo, but the engine was functioning with the servicing by our Corper engineer Philip. 

After much struggles and repairs, changing of capacitor, fixing the exhaust pipe that was producing too much carbon monoxide,  that was obviously detrimental to our health.
Pic on this fateful day
Corper engineer Philip fixed the generator and light came on. Yes!  It was a glorious day in the lives of corpers living in Akparabong Community, Cross River State. 

Sorry I don't have pictures of us jumping for joy but here is a picture of our one-and-only-in-house engineer standing in owe and patting himself on the back for a job weldone. 
I and all the corpers greatly commended him for serving us from darkness in the lodge. 

Finally,  our phones, laptops and other gadgets can actually be fully charged. 
Last but not the least, I can enjoy my ceiling fan since that's my only option to Air - condition here.

  Yours in service ---------D
                        *Questions For You*
Have you served Nigeria before? 
Are you presently a Nigerian Corper? 
What are the challenges that you have or are facing as a Nigerian Corper? 
Did you enjoy this post? 
Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments box below. 

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  1. Nice post, its not easy to obey the clarion call

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  3. You are great... More grace to attain more hight... Obeying clarion call.. Nigerian corpers needs to be taken care of.. We need more attention from our leaders..

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    2. Thanks for stopping by Ideology,it means alot to me