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Hello beautiful people, how have you been? I trust God that you have been doing wonderfully well. As for me.... Well life happened.... I mean alot has happened lately within and around me. But I thank God I am still standing strong, not by my power but by the Grace of God.

You know one of the reasons why I decided to go into blogging was because I wanted to have a personal blog were I can document and share my thoughts,(I mean I needed a place to think out loud)experiences, happy moments, my lifestyle, and my personal style journey as it evolves.

So lately,  alot has been on my plate that I have to stay strong and I came across this quote on my facebook feed that said, "when there is a will, there is a way". That quote,  whoever that posted it, it spoke to me. So I reflected on it. I realized that the "power of will" is what has been keeping me strong, it is a determining factor in my life.

You know that I am not a motivational speaker but I know that there is someone out there that may be going through the similar phase of life as me right now or even through worst things. That is why I decided to share with you the things that fires up the "will" in me.

As a child growing into a fine young lady. I was always griped by fear of the unknown, fear that I was going to dissapoint my family because there was a standard of the society that my family wanted me to achieve. 
I was afraid of failure even at the brink of breakthrough. But when I grew up I learnt to let go of fear of the unknown, I gain confidence in the Word of God, especially Philippians 1:6, I learnt to accept failure as that door to success.  
I learnt  from great men like Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Bishop David Oyedepo and yes Steve Jobs. Today they are a force to reckon with in the world. Don't be afraid to fail. I repeat. Take the plunge, shift boundaries and be dynamic just like I have learnt to be. 

This one is also another thing that kills fear in me and builds the Will to go forward in life. You know that being all negative and questioning will not do you any good when you need to take an important decision or step in life.
I understand that the human mind is prone to entertaining negative thoughts and all the 'what's ifs', when I find myself wanting in this aspect, I quickly reinstate positive declarations in my mind by speaking positive words to myself.
Positive declarations like: I do not entertain evil thoughts in my mind, I go beyond boundaries, my Father(God) is a King therefore I am the child of a King, I am a success.
Try it! trust me,it works by building my courage and Will to go forward in my daily endeavors.

Most  great men that you know started by working for someone. if you want to succeed in life, you will have to learn from others success secrets, investment dos and don'ts,business strategies and growth.
And most time, when working for or under someone is when you will learn those things. I once worked in one of the best pharmacies where I had to face alot of challenges ranging from hysterical superintendent Pharmacist who was hard to please, long and straneous working hours, a dynamic work role(I mean my position was constantly revolving in stages) In the end I learnt some business ethics in the pharmacy business (which I am not ready to share lol) I mean as a graduate banker,I now know more drugs even though I already had passion for the business. This made my family so proud of me,including me.
Life lessons? start by working for someone. Don't be afraid to share your business ideas with someone you trust, you never know who can connect you with the right sources and resources. This might just prevent you from making the worst investment mistakes.

I know that I am stating this as a follow up to point three. You don't always have to have millions of money before starting an investment  or a business, let me tell you something, I saw a broadcast online that said that Jim Ovie, a Nigerian businessman, founder of Zenith bank Nigeria plc established Zenith bank  Nigeria plc with twenty million naira in the same year that Shina Peters,a Nigerian musician built his mansion with the same amount of twenty million naira.
But today, Jim Ovie's Zenith bank has branches all over every state in Nigeria and even internationally but Shina Peters' house has depreciated, in 2015 he renovated that same mansion with over twenty million naira again. For those of you who do not  know Shina Peters,he was one of the most popular, one of the richest Nigerian musicians of his time.
My point- make wise investment decisions. Invest that human hair money instead of wearing it on your head, invest that iPhone 7plus money instead of carrying your future in your hands,save pennies for days instead of lavishing it in a V.I.P Club all in the name of belonging as a 'big boy or big girl'.
The world will seek you when your investments start yielding profits. I'm I making sense? A word is enough for the wise.

You can't  sorrund yourself with low-thinkers, and expect the best advice.having a good support system is the best thing that can happen to you.
Friends that are always lamenting about how bad the economy is, what the government can do for them, constantly nagging about their relationship problems, alot of self-loathing, always comparing themselves with others,friends that are always willing to help you spend your money but not ready to help you build your dreams into a business empire,such people corrupt great destinies. You know that you have a great destiny - please stay away from such friends.
Ever read the Bible, the book of 1 and 2 Kings? David was surrounded with great minds that helped him to build the house of God. The Bible calls them "David's mighty men", find your own mighty men and sorround yourself with them.

Grattitude should be a lifestyle and until then you will never be contented. I remember this quote in the Bible but can't remember which book of the Bible, but it says ''He who is grateful in little will be grateful in plenty''.
My point- appreciate God for where you are now,for what you have,the accomplishments, trials and challenges,for the success,for what could not kill you will make you stronger.

Show gratitude to those that have helped you through various steps in life, with that they will be happy to help more. Your steps may be baby steps now but trust me you will soon walk fast,from that to flying. Let gratitude be your lifestyle. 

Trust me it's only a fool that says in his heart, there is no God. There is a God in heaven and we are here because of that proof(read all through the book of Genesis chapter 1 and 2. 
That God is a God that hears and answers prayers (Isaiah 54:4, Isaiah 55:10-11. Take to Him(God) all your challenges, endeavors, achievements in prayers and watch Him take care of you. 

Till next time. I love you. 

What are the steps that aids your success in life? 
What is your understanding of the quote "when there is a Will, there is a way"?
Did you like this post, was it helpful in some way? 
Would you like to see more of this kind of post? 
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  1. Great write up. I love it. Thanks for sharing this

  2. What a lovely post....you got me motivated with this post.... Hoping to read more of this on your blog

    1. Thank you very much. I'm glad that this post helped you in some way

  3. Girl let me first say your blog is beautiful! And this post, it's everything. I love the part where you said "take the plunge, shift boudaries and be dynamic" Those three things are definitely going to take you places. Thanks for sharing hun❤


    1. Yey Aramide visited my blog! I'm so exited and I'm also a big fan of your blog. I appreciate you checking out the blog, God bless you.