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Hello there! Welcome, I'm glad you are here.

Whether you are a young woman seeking some inspirations for your life or you want to add something new to your life in areas of style and indulgence, you are welcome.

Maybe you straight up feel like giving up on yourself - dreams, goals, passions and you feel you are alone, thinking that nobody relates to what you are going through - you are in the right place. Trust me I have been there. Now that you are here, I believe  you are special, determine, a divine creation and ready to explore the true meaning of life with a positive mindset. It doesn't matter your skin color or decent.

This is an inspirational-based, life and style blog for young women who aspire to be/are go-getters, willing to be dynamic, open to self development, creative, passionate about living beautiful and fulfilled lives.

The writer of this blog does not know all about life but as she learns more about life and grows in knowledge and understanding, it is guaranteed that this a space where young women are encouraged to stay inspired, courageous, live life to the fullest and take the best out of lives experiences.

MISSION: To empower, inspire, motivate young women  articles that will help them develop themselves and live life positively.

VALUES: To share, inspire,motivate,educate.

VISION: To build a community of like-minded young women geared towards personal development, success, positive living, connect with each other, learn and help each other grow in life.

Here, you will find write-ups written from different perspectives of life with clarity, love and sincerity.
Please read the disclosure and privacy policy of this blog.

Please do not hesitate to share any post that you enjoy reading so that others can get a whole of this love, you never know whose soul you will lift by just clicking the share button. Also feel free to leave me comments and suggestions as it warms my heart to read from you. Thank you.


Hello there, I'm Dominika Goodness, the full-haired go-getter, positive minded brain behind this blog. I am a Finance graduate, an African -Nigerian to be precise.

As a young woman passionate about living a successful, beautiful and fulfilled life. It has always been my joy to help other young women to live life positively by sharing my opinions, words of wisdom, sharing my little experiences or lessons learnt in life on such matters affecting them so that they can find peace, hope, consolation that there is still more to life.

So in February, 2017,  I made a commitment to build a community of like-minded young women and started this blog as a means of sharing my opinions, thoughts on topics that  every- day -young -women are struggling with, to inspire, motivate, empower and educate them on living a successful, beautiful and fulfilled lives through a positive mindset and lifestyles.

This blog has now become my passion, my solitary place where I go to connect with young women like me, it's my pet project that I intend to nurture, groom until it grows into a community of like-minded young women geared towards personal development, success, positive living who connect with each other, learn and help each other grow in life.

Most of the post you will find on this blog are written from the perspective of my little life experiences, lessons drawn from others, researches, incidents or situations as they affect  young women like me, either negatively or positively and how we can navigate around such issues without loosing ourselves.

Aside from blogging / writing, I am a real life sweetheart, a make up and fashion enthusiast who loves to beat her face to perfection and believes that fashion may come and go but style will never fade. Which is why I  incorporated the Style category into this blog, to showcase my love for makeup and fashion by carrying you along on my personal style journey as it evolves through each stage of my life. Ride along!

And hey, I also love the little things of life, to give myself a good treat -because I deserve it. You know! That's why I have the Indulgence category on this. It will document and share the things that give me pleasure; the places I visit, hubs/restaurants that I fancy, makeup and beauty products that I love and use. Maybe even the most minor things in life that add value to my life and I totally adore.

Guess what? I have an undying love for Jesus, rice, fried plantain(dodo) and a constant need of wanting everything to be perfectly in order in my life. Lol!

I am not perfect but I am learning each day, appreciating and enjoying life as a gift from God. Most importantly discipline my mind not to compete with anybody but to make peace with my past, be better than I was yesterday, make mistakes ( because it's inevitable), learn from them, move on and ultimately grow in life.

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