Lessons from the birds || 4 life principles every young woman must live by

Hey ladies, I hope the month of October is still smiling at you?
Let me tell you a short story. Wait! before I do so let me tell you that I have not gone nuts, I'm not at all. I was in my right frame of mind when I made this observation ( I still I'm) Lol. I'm just a very curious person blessed with  inquisitive eyes and a super engaging mind, always ready to put it to good use. I also believe in learning the practical way through observing our surroundings and little details.

Now, let's get back to the point, the story.

So today's blog post was inspired by a real life observation by yours truly. I call it the story of the birds. Yes, you read that correctly. On my way back from work, I stumbled upon a large number of birds on a very big tree by the road side graced with many branches and of course vibrant leaves, enough to shelter these beautiful birds.

I was fascinated by the uniformity in their colors, the flapping of their wings and the echoing of their sounds. I was intrigued, so I decided to wait a while and observe these magnificent creation of God. Behold, these birds where building nests for themselves. I mean, all the birds on that tree.
I observed how passionate, diligent, happy and determined these birds were in building homes for themselves a.k.a nests. I observed carefully and took away some quality life principles from these birds.  So I was thrilled that I decided to relate them to humans, young women to be precise. I would like to believe that these life principles can resonate in the lives of every millennial young woman. So hey ladies, this is for you.

Which brings me to today's post.

4 life principles every young woman must live by

Read on to find out more. Ok let's go

Labor with love: don't let the love confuse you. I mean hard work. Be diligent. It is one thing to work smart but it's another thing to put your soul into what you are doing, to give it all it takes —that's called hard work. Agreed, the urge to cut corners or take the readily available options that look good will come. But know this, it's reality that what seems good may not be what is right. An honest work accompanied with a labor of love will always pay no matter how slow the process of returns on investment may be.

Just as I observed that the birds were all working diligently together. In order words, there was not an exception to who was to work and who wasn't except their unhatched eggs and the newly hatched ones who wouldn't be able to fly.

With my discretion I even concluded that their mothers and fathers were included in the work. Quiet funny but true. 

Bottom line— Take it upon yourself to work hard for what you want instead of depending on someone for leftovers or on unguaranteed promises of the future. Oh-I-will give you a job or oh I will call my brother who works there to endorse your appointment does not secure that life you so dream of. Work hard and leave the rest in God's hands.

Contentment: of a truth, human wants are insatiable, that I have learnt. But to be contented I would say is to be at peace with what you have, not to stretch to take what's not yours. Striving for success shouldn't be at the expense of another person's success or happiness. As a young woman, it's quite OK to seek self-actualization and you must know when to draw a fine line between greed and contentment.

Like the birds, I observed them display this aura of contentment in the flapping of their wings when each bird had successfully setup it's nest. No bird deviated from it's nest to another's be it the owner of that nest had gone out in search of food or whatever. I noticed that it was clearly each bird to the construction of its own nest without jealousy of how fine a neighbor's own may be. The birds showed contentment.

Bottom line— As a young woman, it's fundamental to be contented with what you have, rid yourself of jealousy and while you may strive for more in life, let it be purely transparent and based on good values.

Focus and direction: when there is no direction and focus, everywhere that you go tend to look like where you want to be, your dreams keep changing, your long and short term goals keep fluctuating, once you wanted to be this and the next minute you want to be that. It's just pure confusion caused by lack of focus and direction. Your purpose in life is not defined. It is not clear. Hold yourself accountable, ask yourself what is that one thing that directs you, what is that one thing that you hold unto, what is that one thing that fills you with strength and fulfillment whenever you do it, is it good or bad.

As a young woman, you must have an objective(s), goal(s), they must be as realistic as possible because that's what will give you focus and direction.  There is no need to set unrealistic goals which are only good in dreamland when you honestly know that you don't have the capability or the resources to see them through.

In my observation of those birds, there was a practical display of focus and direction among them as all the birds primary objective was to lay a nest a.k.a home for themselves.  I observed that in the process of trying to fix the straws and leaves that they brought, some would fall from the branches but the birds will go back again to gather more stocks. They never missed their nest nor got it confused for another bird's— I call that Focus and Direction.

Bottom line— As a young woman, you must find a valid reason to hold unto in life, your primary reason in life for doing what you are doing, that way you will not be easily distracted or shaken.
You must learn to build your home because it's you and you alone that have the right to do so, every other person will just give you less than the picture that you have in mind. I mean, build your life. For as many times as you fall, accept that you have fallen, cry if you must, yell if you can and then rise up and choose to be strong. As a matter you have no option than to remain strong. Yeah I know, the truth hurts but accept it in little doses.

Peace keeping: I learnt something recently, "that the bird that shits on your head often times means no harm". As a young woman, you must learn to forgive as many times as possible. Ah! not that that's easy though as a human but it's true, you must learn to forgive a billion times until forgiveness becomes a part of you, for your own sanity and happiness. I'm learning this too.

Trust me, I know it's hard to ignore the excesses of other people but baby steps such as counting your words before giving a reply to an offense, talking less and listening more, accepting defeats because some battles in life are better lost than won—it will do you good.

Bearing in mind that the world is a paradox of good, happy and the not so happy moments wrapped within hurtful and beautiful people.

It's so fascinating that I observed that on that tree, the birds maintained peace with one another despite the fact that they all fetched straws and leaves for the building of their nest in one location, they never fought each other if the other bird took more straw and leaves than the others.

One intriguing discovery I found out was that no matter how beautiful their nests were or how desperate the birds were for a home.  I was told by my colleague that if the birds sensed the disturbance of their peace by humans or other predator birds, all the birds on that tree will flee to another tree in another location for their safety and they will begin building new nest a.k.a homes immediately. They will never return to their nests on that former tree that caused them unrest. I call that peacekeeping.

Bottom line—humans will always be humans and that doesn't mean you have to be at war with everybody because you are afraid of betrayals.

After defeat or  failure you must not take too long to try again.

You must learn to leave your comfort zone if it's affecting your happiness and sanity.

You must be brave to start a new phase of life.

You must learn to give people and life the benefit of doubts because they are not always as mean as you think.

You must learn to believe that what you have just lost is nothing compared to what God has in store for you.

You must learn to spare your enemies because that's what a true hero does even in the event that you can revenge. We should be a  peacekeepers.

Bonus: you can't keep trying to get success with the same techniques every time. It's just pure stupidity. In your businesses or Careers, switch up your techniques and if need be revamp them, apply them in different orders instead of the usual order or better still put a complete overhaul on them. That way you will be able to know what works and what doesn't.

Bottom Line—if I didn't take a different route back from work,  I wouldn't have ran into that wonderful tree with those beautiful birds to observe.  Which means that I probably would not have been able to write this blog post in such a beautiful way and if at all I was able to write this post without the observation of those birds, it wouldn't have been so endearing. I know you get my point now.

Over to you ladies. Let's talk in the comment box. Till next time.

What life principles do you live by?
What other life principles do think every young woman should live by that I didn't include in this post?

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  1. This is a very inspiring post. I am trying to pick one but I just love them all.

  2. Amen! Work hard for yourself for anything you want rather than depend on others. This is so true, Dominika. May I also add that you can achieve anything if you believe and work consistently towards it.

    I also loved what you said about contentment. There is great gain in being content with what you have. Comparison is the thief of joy.

    Thanks for the encouragement, dear.

  3. Great post! I agree with what you said. As per your 'keep the peace' section, I see way too many people taking things personally, or judging people unmercifully in their day to day lives. I like the advice you give. I also try to slow down and find the joy in my days. Too often we get caught up in the 'do, do, do' and forget to just breathe and appreciate all we have around us. That probably aligns nicely with your Contentment section. Again - great post! I'll be sure to pass it on!

  4. Really great post. One principle that I like to live by is peace keeping. When I was younger it was a little difficult to let things go but as I gotten older it has become easier.

  5. Ah I love this, such a valuable post and so inspiring! I especially like the part about contentment x

  6. Hi, Hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog. I saw a link to yours on Little Adventures blog and me being a wee bit nosey, just had to click. I'm not a younger woman though, kind of getting up there in years, which is why I wondered if it was okay! You are such a wise and beautiful thinking young lady and I love what you wrote, so just wanted to encourage you. We live out in the country and we have a lot of trees that lure all kind of birds in around our home. For a over a year now, there have been 6 quails hanging around that have become like pets. I buy them gourmet chicken food and feed them morning and night. Other birds have caught on and they seem to know when I'm about to feed them and hover around waiting. It's like a kids birthday party, about whose going to get the most lollies (candy). It makes me agree with you that we women need to be strong and sometimes we do need to fight. I have the peacekeeper personality where I just want things to happy and people to get along and I hate conflict. Sometimes, we need to lace up our combat boots. God, called women to be warriors - like Deborah. Or we miss out on the 'gourmet food' that's our there for our lives because it's getting picked away at by everything that is trying to take it from us.

  7. Wise words indeed! Thanks for taking the time to observe, and then share your thoughts and wisdom. Appreciate you for bringing this out into the world.

  8. Oh I actually love this post and how you've taken such core principles that every person should live by from just observing birds. I definitely agree with the contentment point as being jealous and always comparing yourself to others becomes so unhealthy and unproductive!

    Definitely love how inspiring this post is!

    Helen xx

  9. Very good information, thanks for sharing

  10. Birds are great! I just got a tattoo a week ago with 2 birds in it. They'll remind of the lessons! Work hard for what you want is definitely a good lesson. And I believe it's true that by working hard, you'll accomplish what you want! Determination is everything! Learn to be brave is very good one as well!

  11. These are very good pieces of advice. The most positive one to me is the third one, although each of them has its importance and meaning. Focus and direction is something vital in our lives, because if we don't have a set goal, we are lost. Nothing else makes sense.