As young women, figuring out the various ways or methods to remain youthful, maintain ones glow and natural beauty is usually a very daunting task.  Some young women end up going through the trial and error phase, some depend on suggestions from friends, the list is endless.
Today, I am here to share with you seven ultimate age-defying techniques that you should be using as a young woman.
Yes, it's true that the earlier the better, but perhaps you have applied some techniques that have robbed you of your youthful glow, it's never too late after all it's better late than sorry. You can still defy that age, wrinkles, black eye, dull skin with the techniques that you are about to read further.

Sit tight. Shall we!

What is age-defying?
My understanding of age-defying is that, it is a deliberate attempt to reduce, or delay the ageing process through specific health and skincare measures.
Probably you might ask, what are the benefits of adapting these seven ultimate age-defying techniques? Here are a few points to convince you.
  • You will feel and notice a consistent awakening in your body externally and internally.
  • Obviously your skin will glow or glow more than before by just applying these skincare techniques religiously. your natural beauty will be brought to the surface.

Seven ultimate age-defying techniques that you should use (that I vouch on)

Use Organic Skincare: There are alot of skin care products that are made from natural plants, lay your hands on the type or brand that works for your skin type and complexion.
Often times, young women tend to ignore the potency of organic skincare products. They end up using skincare products that contain harsh and harmful chemicals all for the sake of body whitening, body toning for quick results.
You should also, as a young woman try to incorporate some home made natural skincare remedies (DIY). There are numerous ones; oatmeal body/face scrub, Avocado and Olive oil scrub, just to mention a few. These are all natural ways of defying your age to make your skin look supple with a youthful glow. Win Win.

Wear Less Makeup: Yes, even less is more,  yes makeup adds to a woman's beauty, confidence, glamour, elegance and class. I don't deny these facts. I also love makeup but I don't over do it. Where a young woman makes it an habit or a personal  style to wear makeup  frequently, this will prevent her from taking care of her facial skin where the spotlight is on thereby inviting winkles, Acnes, black heads and flakyskin.
Reliance on makeup can only cover-up your wrinkles,dark circles/spots and dull skin for a while but true beauty starts from within.
Key point - allow your face to breathe by not wearing makeup sometimes, but on rare occasions. wash your face regularly especially with cold water to tighten your pores. keep those hands away from your face, try applying natural home made facial mask / scrubs to ensure that you defy those fine lines on your face. These way you will be slowing down, if not stopping the aging process.

Eat Healthy Foods: is this possible you may ask? Yes we are all guilty of this point,  but changes can still be made in order to maintain a youthful glow.
With the hassle and hustle of life,  it is difficult to do this. But I would say, yes you can! Just make some adjustment with your eating habits; through away the junk food, microwave your food less in order to avoid cancer ( according to Google) incorporate fruits like lettuce, banana, apple, orange, watermelon, cucumber, carrots into your daily food menus. for my fellow Africans, swab the starchy swallows like garri/fufu for whole wheat meal flour and plantain flour and soon you will be on your way to a youthful glow.

Worry Less: I have never seen who worrying has helped, I'm an example. I was once tittle holder in worrying but I learnt faster, lol. Your thoughts are only worries if they are not being backed up by actions. Working is different from thinking and when thinking lacks strategy then it is worrying. If you have a target to meet I suggest,  you strategise, make plans, embark on such plans correctly in order to meet your targets. These way you will not worry about failure. And you won't end up looking  haggard, wrinkled, pale and  older than your real age.

Avoid Abusing Your Electronic Gadgets: Smart phones,  Laptops, Computers, Play Stations, and what have you. 
My emphasy is on smart phones and  laptops. It's so sad that what was invented and manufactured with the right intentions, for the right purposes have turn out to impair the health of people and changing their lifestyles.
To maintain good health, healthy living and a youthful glow. You must reduce your intimacy with your smart phones, remove your mobile phones  from the vibration function, vibrations radiations damage the human cells. It can even do worst.  Here is what google says.

Practice Healthy Hygiene: A thorough bath before and after embarking on achieving your daily to-do-lists is a plus to age-defying. Washing your hair thoroughly helps you from having dandruff free hair,receding hair lines due to dirt build up, brushing your teeth daily wouldn't hurt, avoiding eating your nails will not only prevent you from swallowing germs but it will also prevent you from eating of your nail cuticles and having shorter unattractive  fingernails, quitting smoking/drinking in order to prevent future doctor's prescription/ medication will help you look younger than your actual age.
Wearing nose guard in smoky or dusty environments will prevent you from having a hard/persistent cough that could probably lead to asthma and make you age before time. Make some lifestyle changes in your personal hygiene, you will see the difference.

Rest: Need I say more? Even in your most busiest moments, please sneak in some naps. Rome wasn't built in a day. Therefore, you can't overwork yourself, hence looking aged with droopy tired eyes. You will only look older. So, to ensure that this seven ultimate age-defying techniques work for you after applying the other six steps, you must complete it with the rest stage even when it is not possible to.

Thank you for reading and I hope we embark on this age defying journey together. Cheers to a more youthful glow ladies!!  See you soon.

DISCLAMER: all the pictures I used for illustrations in this blog post are gotten from Google. I couldn't trace the pictures to their respective links as they were found on Google pictures.

What other skincare techniques  do you use?
Do you prepare organic skincare products?

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  1. Beautifully explained. A little change to your daily habits can give you a beautiful you internally and externally.

    1. I totally dear, thank you for reading. Thank you.

  2. I've heard of different organic skin care remedies. Tried olive oil once, and it actually clogged my pores really bad (very acne prone skin), but I've heard good things about honey. I like the part about worrying less. As I've gotten older, I've realized that not everything is worth worrying over.

    1. Definitely not everything is worth worrying about,Melissa. Thank you for reading.

  3. I'm inclined towards the use of organic skincare products and natural cures and remedies. I use lemon and honey for my skin which does wonders for me. All techniques mentioned by you are very well explained. Nice post.

    1. Organic skincare for the win, Amisha. Thanks for reading.

  4. Nice post. Thanks for sharing with us. Use of milk is good for face.

  5. Girl you'd be surprised what a little sleep and a honey mask will do for your face. Nice post....xxx


    1. Hi Ifunaya, thank you for stopping by. I sincerely agree with the honey mask facial treatment.

  6. Lemon honey and oats is a great face mask, acts as an exfoliant as well

    1. Wow! Thank you for the tips, Laura. Thank you for reading.

  7. Yes just as important to watch what goes into your body as on it through your skin for lasting health and youthfulness. Great article

    1. I agree, Nadine we must live a healthy lifestyle.

  8. To me, healthy eating is the key to a glowing skin and also, the use of less products infused with chemicals goes a long way. I try to use more natural products on my skin and its been really helpful. Shea butter is top of my list. And can I just say you have super gorgeous hair!! I always thought it was a wig you had on till I read your previous post. How long have you been natural??


    1. Evita dear, good to see you here again. I agree with eating healthy foods and I also love shear butter, I use it often for my hair. I have been natural for a year and a half now. Thank you for reading and please come back for more.