Hi babes! How are you all doing?
So it’s an outfit post, I am going straight into the details of this outfit. I wore this simple outfit to Church and it was effortlessly put together.
Before Sunday morning, which is the Lord’s Day, Church service. I have this habit of putting together my Church outfit just so I won’t go late to Church and also prevent some wardrobe mishaps. Imagine your outfit disgracing you in an African Church, lol. You know the picture.
I struggled with naming this outfit post but i finally settled for the “blue details” title because the outfit consists of two different shades of blue. I felt it best describes it. What would you call it?
The skirt is a soft blue color, pleated at the front but the back view is a somewhat straight shape. It gives this vintage/ Victorian secret look.
It’s a very simple skirt yet cinches the waist and it gives this elegant girly look.
My top – is a royal blue, mini-turtle neck beauty, this top has some Reddish color buttons (at least that’s the color i feel they are), the back of this top is so pretty but sadly my phone camera did not do much justice. I am sorry dear, the time will come when i will use my dream camera to take blog pictures. I digress. All in all, this top coupled with the skirt made me feel and look like i was born in Victorian age – ah! I love it.

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I went with my black court heels for the sake of less is more.
The rest of the fashion accessories in this outfit were unplanned but they cooperated so well.
And oh, my makeup was unplanned as well, as a matter of fact i made some makeup mistakes that day but the look turned out as a style in art ( making me remember the quote that every mistake in art is a style).

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That's all for today babes. Over to you now.
What do you think about my outfit?
Have you made some makeup mistakes that turned out well in the end?

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  1. You nailed the details of this look! Love navy and those earrings are gorg!

    Vanessa |

    1. Hi Vanessa, thank you for those cheering words. You are far too kind and I'm glad you liked my outfit and my makeup.

  2. That blouse is amazing! The details!!

    Tina |

    1. Hi Tina, I appreciate you stopping by my blog and I'm glad you found this outfit beautiful too

  3. I absolutely LOVE the blouse and the skirt. Your makeup looks lovely too :)

    1. Yes, the datails on this blouse screams Victorian, I love and I'm glad you did too.

  4. Girl this post is beyond amazing!! Great look

  5. Such lovely outfit. Cute stitch details on your shirt.

    Inez | My Small World

    1. It sure is pretty, Inez. Thank you for stopping by.