Is self-love sufficient?

Is self-love sufficient? 

Hello friends how are you doing? Oh! I know the answer --You are fine. Why? Because you are alive today. 
Hmm! Noticed my first word? It's so nice that I think of my blog readers as friends because I believe that we are in some kind of way. At least through this little space of mine. OK enough of the chit chat lol, let's get to why you are here. 
Often times I have come across the hashtag self-love on different social media platforms and very few times I have used it to either caption my pictures or as a hashtag for my post on various social media platforms because I bought the idea -- SELF-LOVE. 
Even with the vast use of the "Self-Love" slogan, some human beings  still find it difficult to accept the idea of loving oneself. 
Even from the Biblical perspective, the word of God tell us that we should love our neighbors as ourselves ( Luke 6:31-33,Mark 12:31). 
The questions are: What if you don't even love yourself in the first place? 
How can you show love to another human being? 
Oh Wait! Do you even think that self-love is sufficient? 
Even though as human beings we are not perfect, but we are loved with our imperfections by a perfect God. ( Deuteronomy 32:4).
My point -- Yes self-love is sufficient because it could be what can get you out of that low self-esteem, self-doubt, self-loathing.
I have heard a lot of misconceptions  about "Self-love", misconceptions like:
Self-Love is self pity 
Self-Love is selfishness 
Self-Love is wallowing in denial 
Self-Love can lead to self-destruction. 
Personally, yes self-love is sufficient.

So what does self-love mean to me? 
Self-love is self acceptance: as a person living in a society with people of different beliefs, cultures and traditions. You must first learn to accept and love yourself before others can do so. 
Self-love is your mental, physical, moral, acceptance and agreement with your mind that yes you can fit into the society irrespective of the various ideologies.
Self-love is telling yourself that you are enough: in other words, self-love is self appreciation. Ever compared yourself with another person before on either financial, political or spiritual level? Self-love can help you get  out of that quagmire ( Genesis 1:26-29,Psalms 139:14&15) learning to love yourself will help you see yourself for who you are, that you can do that which you have be procrastinating, you can apply for that job which you felt you weren't qualified enough to get, self-love can build your confidence.
If you are having a problem with your physical appearance, it could be that you feel insecure with you body.
Why not try standing in front of the mirror a minute or two, appreciate yourself. Why not get out of those drapery clothes that covers that body part you are uncomfortable with, dresss modest, nice,classy  and sharp, remember God created you in His image and likeness. He never made any mistakes.
By so doing, it will help you build self-confidence and redirect people's attention to the confidence you exude instead of focusing on your inadequacies.
Self-love heals: because the moment that you actually come to terms with the fact Yes! You are enough, is the day that you will start seeing the world through the eyes of love. You will finally overcome jealousy, bitterness, self-loathing among many other mind infiltrations.
So, Yes "Self-Love" is sufficient.
Till next time friends. I Love You.

Do you think that self-love is sufficient?
Have you ever used  the hashtag "Self-Love"?
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  2. Nice post dear... We need you to be consistent with your post because you're really helping lives with your post and we need more of inspirational and lifestyle post

    1. Thanks for stopping by, I will definitely work more of lifestyle and inspiration post. Hope you stick around.

  3. This is so inspirational, dear. How do you love your neighbour when you do not even love yourself? You are enough. You are adequate. You can. You will. Believe in you.
    Thanks for sharing!